Jacki-O - Self Made Bitch Lyrics

Jacki-O Lyrics

Self Made Bitch Lyrics
It's Time to take out the garbage
all these junk food rappers
wheres the protein...
tell you what
whenever yall call me
I'll be right here all you gotta do is say

[Verse 1: Jacki]
And I'm back on the block
Jumpin out on these hoes like Jack in the Box (surprise)
And I got em so sick
I'mma self made bitch I dont owe a nigga shit
Nigga blow clit
You cant stop this shit
Pussy Nigga blow clit
nan bitch take O off the block
I aint outta pocket I'm just watchin the block
She dont fall back, that cocaine white mercedes I bought dat
In the hills I put em on corn stacks
f*ckin wit these niggas thats gettin them off crack
Say my name i'll blow you off the map
bitch see me when you see me just know that I'm strapped
Bitch I hustle beyond rap
I dont listen to half of yall hoes cause yall all wack


Yeah I'm right here
I aint goin nowhere
Imma hold yall down
But sometimes yall
Sometimes yall
I be hearin voices
I be hearin them voices
What they be sayin?
And they be callin me
and they be sayin

[Verse 2: Jacki]
Yeah I'm here bigger and better and i aint goin nowhere
I know you been waitin on the truth, for somethin concrete spittin facts in the booth
See these hoes got the game all wrong
But bitch Im real like the 23rd Pslam
It's somethin else you otta know my name is now Jacki Walk on water O
But I aint light weight one bitch aint enough I fight eight
Dudes throwin bananas they like apes
But I be f*ckin wit niggas handlin high weights
High stakes
I like nice stakes periasian way and even white grapes
What I do to they pockets it's like rapes
But hoe Im havin a ball and lifes great!

Yeah the streets are callin
Hey they say ruthless ambition leads to it's own destruction
But I say if thats what it is then I accept my fate
Cause this shit feels to good they be sayin

[Verse 3: Jacki]
What more I need to say
When I step in the room yall hoes be nearly prayin
Bow down yall hoes bow down
That gotta hurt em yall
F*ck em
Imma let the track ride
They be sayin why you beat that girl like dat why you beat that girl like dat
And I say f*ck ha and every bitch that look like ha
Every bitch thats down wit ah too
When you need a real bitch just call

And Ill be right there.
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