The Jacka - When I Step Threw The Door Lyrics

The Jacka Lyrics

When I Step Threw The Door Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Catch me in a H3
same place the grapes be
same place they laced me
in a cold war boy
cant excape to safety
the first time i squeezed a trigga
cause a nigga made me
second time I was out my mind man
gotta prove i'm (?)
set outside on the grind
even though its rainin
think about back in the day to the AM
niggas wanna be me
sprayin niggaz like grafitti
niggas send they guanas on the move cause they scared to meet me
the game aint fair yeah i used to let it cheat me
but never beat me
remember willy mack and young zeeky?
(?) James and (?) dog yeah they still wit me
That's why i roll with Fed Ex and Hosalazzi
flights all over the world I pay for everybody
been havin Ks in the house since I stayed with mommy
kicked out the house found a kick in the couch
starin at the world through my rearview
thinkin bout what I've been through

[Jacka: Talking]
yeah you know, just a lot of shit man..lotta clappin nigga (murda niggaz)

When I step through the door hoes blow me kisses
even though a nigga cold off the surp and the prup nigga
barely holdin on
go to war without a army
I make it on my own
bare face, head bussa even though i'm well known
black nigga with a black trigga
creepin through your home boy.

[Verse 2:]
I was a kid the first time my shit was felt
people dont feel u nigga so dont kid yourself
I'm off top with this shit like a (?)
Ay bitch set me up, I'm late as shit
on the real only treal niggaz play this shit
I'm ill at raps like I made the shit
every day I wonder where the f*ckin (?) went
I'm purped out had enough of the same shit
windows up tacked out on the main strip
don't trip on the jacka you'll be mad at yourself
I call the strap a ham sandwich cause it's bad for your health
you iced out but foreal under heat you'll melt


[Verse 3:]
The world is mine like scarface picture
got the 40 stock nigga leave a large space in ya
I'm in space off the killa 26 inch whella
Amir and Young Jay I was fenced up with 'em
locked down for a year spread nothin but millions
trade war stories leavin lead stuck in niggaz
30 rounds out he window like f*ck you nigga
u gettin robbed cause you know you put your trust in bitches(?)
I'm a prob fixin to get in the extortion business
learn from it
I'm a animal that eats with a full stomach
doin a 100 can't take it back after I done it
that's the gangsta shit all my niggas come with (feel me)
rich over night but i'm still me

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