The Jacka, Berner - Keep It Street Lyrics

The Jacka, Berner Lyrics

Keep It Street Lyrics
(feat. Equipto)

[The Jacka:]
Kush n shit
Yung berner n da jack
MAN ya know we f*ckin with it man

I hop out ma whip fit lookin amazin
I'm fly notta pimp but the bitches keep payin
I'm sayin 456 what weight in
Play in the dope game and pray I don't stay in
Fed time state pin time just wasted
I've seen too much and I can't take it
I'm caking,
Stack a hunid g's in a week tho
When we smoke it's perchake higher than diesel
It's lethal, young make you cough up young
Ina s-5 hun with the windows up
Chops ROLLED honey hash stuck to the bag
I've gram hash plate instead of a zag
I'm high so high, too high to relax
Me and jack don't play got the whole place tact
I'm smoked out, and I'm losing my mind
I get my money don't play boy I'm glued to the grind

We was blessed with the recipe
RidIN round with a tech on me
I lid da life that you'll neva see
I wonder if they gon remember me [x2]
Cause I all ever did was keep it street

[The Jacka:]
I'm in sum shit I'll never get chalked
I got the smith grey and black,
With 18 like moss
Allah changed me
If you can't then forgive me for being lost
Cause see this is just a matter of time, shit
I got the bay locked like solitary confinement
You can never get away of me life with a convict
In the kitchen twistin coke to crack where most of my time spent
Or smokin behind tint, disguised from the sirens
Murder then remain in silence
Sleep where my nine is
Could have been a king
But do my thing in the crime biz
You been to jail before but you don't know what real time is
Kush and sour deez got me outa my mind bitch
I'm purped out hada nuffa this same shit


I'm on the grind daily trafficking through I-80
I'm just a player these hoes all try to dry crazy
Pay me no attention unless you gotta choosin fee
But keep in mind there's only so much you could do for me
Baby posing beautifullly while she pay me every night
I hit the weed and break the sweat up off the cherry pie
Making this change up out the way but still we stayin the same
Ya'll playin while I be spending everyday in the game
Homie we so real, I blow kill and pop no pills
Cut no deals but still knock these hoes off they heels
For real time is money down to seconds and minutes
My hoes she on the blaze as soon as this record is finished
I ain't stressing my bithces or exposin my business
I'm just focused on riches and keep on spittin my ism's
I don't be hanging we trickin dis what it's really like
Quipto I'm officially in the city life


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