The Jacka - Girls Say Lyrics

The Jacka Lyrics

Girls Say Lyrics
(Oh baby baby babyooh jack)
Yeeee yeeee yeee!

It's your turn now it's on me
Plat around my wrist
On ma hips a chrome thing
Steal from your mother cause shes a coke fein
Got rich overnight all started from a dream
Introduce me to your wife now that's the wrong thing
Got chicks everywhere everytime my phone rings
It's a light skin thing, or maybe it's a dark one
Got so many whips I can't remember where I park one
Celebrate everyday my childhood was a harsh one
But I'm back now 20 g's stack in my pocket
Mob figa chain and your girl wana rock it
Mob figa laywers accounts in stock markets
Make a million dollars while you other rappers targets

And all the girls say, say say

This ain't pdiddy makin the band this a g in the p city wavin my hand
On the stage while the crowd in rage a skeet skeet
God dam ask mama over there why she playin
I see you peekin but you ain't speekin I'm from the bay but I hit LA every weekend
She said she cuban but I thought she was puertorican
Fired up the purple and the gals start geekin
I guess it's been a while since a treal niga been around
Bend her down jeah it was real spontaneous
She not the smartest chick but she got brains ma nigg


Stop at the light let the screens do a hunid
Leada hoes in a daze for a second then gun it
Up the block one time for ma nigas out there
Tvs in the scraper let the whistle pipes blare
Can't c where you at but they hear you everywhere
22s in the van shock em with the 5th wheel
Beats slappin so hard givin nigas the chills
Runnin in all you hoes the drill
Neva popped pills but I pop suckas with the steel
Self made millionare
You say it's on to get a deal
You really just a square
Try to compete with a playa but itll never work
I'm a rich motha f*cka I never work

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