The Jacka - From The Bay Lyrics

The Jacka Lyrics

From The Bay Lyrics
(feat. Dee Dee)

The Bay Area
Yeah boy that's where I'm from
I remember '85
That's when they cracked with cum
A lot of niggas got gritz
But most these niggas got stung
With years under they belt
Tryin' to feel what they felt
To be the nigg
Watch the ice it don't melt
'86 through '88
The game got bigger
We done hit the block
Squatin' baby ninjas
On our way to school
Park my shit around the corner
So fly, so cool
Young nigga
Brooklyn breed MC's
The Bay breed drug dealers
You got a youngsta that flows
I got a young nigga that push coke
Plus he got hoes
Stay on the rope
Can't understand life
But grab the mic
And let the track explode

[Chorus: Dee Dee]
And you know I'm from the Bay
Muthaf*ckin' A-R-E-A
You know what I mean
No other place I'd rather be
And you know I don't try to flee
To another muthaf*ckin' state
You know what I mean
It wasn't thug enough for me

On my way to the port
To drop my nigga Cormega
On Too $hort birthday
Plus all the Figaz together
The boys put us on the way
To hustle up out the weather
Yuk 85 turned out
Hit the corner hit
Then hit me on my burn out
When you niggas gon' learn 'bout
The muthaf*ckin' Bay
It's superthug where I stay
Frisco, North Richmond to O-A-K
Central South Richmond and E-P-A
Pittsburg got the coke
For a price you must pay
Yeah boy, believe what they say
Ain't nothin' scarier than the Bay
High speed everyday
Adolescents tuck weapons
Niggas bleed everyday
You got to have heart
Just to fit up where I stay
And I've been everywhere
Ain't nothin' thuggin' of me
Yo, we live this shit
That you see on T.V. [what]


F*ck 'em, one time
Like Hittaz On Da Payroll
Hits on the street
The radio don't ever play so
Don't nobody know
Who the real niggas is
I dedicate this rap
To the muthaf*ckin' Figz
3 X Krazy, Askari X, The Click,
Mescaline, J.T. The Bigga Figga,
The Gamblaz; them my niggas
The Young D Boyz, Mac Mall,
Never Legal, Sick Insane, Lil' Ric
Mr. Braid, The Hoodfellas,
Sincydal, San Quinn, Mac Dre,
Willie Hen, Too $hort, Father Don,
Lil' Boots, Mac Shawn, R.B.L., 11/5,
Guce, Sandman, and P.O.D.E.,
Can't forget G-O-V
And Seagram rest in peace
And Rappin' Ron
Rest in peace too
I got my ears to the streets too
This for the yay
And they never could defeat you
The Ghetto Starz, Big Block, and
Richie Rich, 2 Pac, and 51/50
What the shit
So with Digital Underground
And Souls of Mischief
Spice 1, Pooh Man, Dangerous Dame, and
Young Cellski, C-Bo, Yukmouth, and Nutty B
You out a town and study me
Want me to show you
How you should be
You niggas thugs now
But we been that
And I'm the proof
Cuz now it's back
Where I begin at [echoes out]

[Chorus x2]
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