The Jacka - Callin' My Name Lyrics

The Jacka Lyrics

Callin' My Name Lyrics
[Intro: Mistah F.A.B]
This song goes out to all the hustlas out there

Trying to leave the game you know

It keep callin they name

[Verse 1: Mistah F.A.B]
When I wake up in the morning you know what I see?
The world is the ghetto smoking on " D" my lil cuzzin thirteen strung out on "E"
Can't blame him his mamma on "C"
Uh O-K-E 27 but she look like a old lady grind grind f*ck working at old navy
Rather slang girl and make the world go crazy
Who am I? mayne ain't no betta just a yung nigga lost tryna get this chedda
Starring out the window wishing on a shooting star
Tryna get dumb money go and buy a stupid car
Pray to lord trying to heal my flaws hollin to the heavens hope he hear my calls
Wana leave the game but I'm stuck and I'm trapped so I call on my nigga jack

Trying to leave the game but it keeps calling my name

[Verse 2: the jacka]
This rap shit will have you on a hole 300 kick a black nigga down a hole like 300
Twist an 8th in the backwood boy and breathe on it down to ma list key
Bout to copp a quarter kick all the real niggas see I'm still out there
They like he rappin but I'm trappin I'm a real nightmare
White tee's blue jeans nikes all I wear lost a nigga to a gunshot I've been there
Killed a nigga for a small amount life ain't fair coke white leather seats
40 glock under there catch a sucka in a traffic and I'm aiming at his head
Ran back to the game became a millionaire hit a lick on my connect
I got so much shit for sale I'm on my nigga nextel bout to take the streets back
Rainbow fish scale coke feel is all I know Islam help me let It go when times get hard
It's the game that I'm running to many nigga dies from the "D" that runnin though
What would the profit do so I maksallah got the world in my palms
Something about the streets got my heart and my mind
Up with beasts f*ck school I'm on the grind got slapp in the benz
My nigg let's ride around fresh out the lab with the new shit nigga check out the sounds

[Verse 3: Mistah F.A.B]
Man I'm riddin gettin tacked pro-meth in ma cup chain in my stomach
Strapped near the gut paranoid can't lie been throught it all
Still here another year yea I made it dawg trying to get further without getting murdered
Moms words brought me ain't trying to disturb her
I got a good girl but I really don't deserve her cause I'm out here doing shit that's unheard of
Trying to do right but wrongs so easy lied soo much when I'm right she don't believe me
Gotta stay strapped niggaz jack for the bling
So I ride with the jack cause he stay on his thing
Giving me game so I could survive in this game he said he trying to leave but it keeps
Callin his name looked him in the eye
And said "bruh it do the same shits f*cking with my brain I need a change"

[Chorus: x2]
Trying to leave the game but it keeps calling my name
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