Isaac Hayes - Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic Lyrics

Isaac Hayes Lyrics

Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic Lyrics
(Isaac Hayes, Alvertis Isbell)

I wanna come back
Coz I like it like that
Your modus operandi
Is really all right, out of sight
Your sweet phalanges
Know how to please
My gastronomical stupensity is really satisfied when you're loving me

Now tell me, what... I... say

I can't sleep at night
But that's all right
The M.D. tells me
My heart's on strike
Emanating originating from a love asphixiation
He said I better slow down before you drive me in the ground
But what he doesn't know is I want another encore

Now what... I... say

Let me stop procrastinatin'
Standin' hear, and narratin'
Find my emancipator, she's a love educator
Cerebral, cerebellum, amedulla oblongata
A slave's on a horse, everytime she explores
Just heard a discussion about a racial relationship

Now what... I... say

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