Husker Du Lyrics

Husker Du Lyrics

From the Album Warehouse: Song and Stories (1987) (buy at

These Important Years
Charity, Chastity, Prudence, and Hope
Standing In The Rain
Back From Somewhere
Ice Cold Ice
You're A Soldier
Could You Be The One?
Too Much Spice
Friend, You've Got To Fall
She Floated Away
Bed Of Nails
Tell You Why Tomorrow
It's Not Peculiar
Actual Condition
No Reservations
Turn It Around
She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man)
Up In The Air
You Can Live At Home

From the Album Candy Apple Grey (1986) (buy at

Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
I Don't Know For Sure
Sorry Somehow
Too Far Down
Hardly Getting Over It
Dead Set On Destruction
Eiffel Tower High
No Promise Have I Made
All This I've Done For You

From the Album New Day Rising (1985) (buy at

New Day Rising
The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
I Apologize
Folk Lore
If I Told You
Celebrated Summer
Perfect Example
Terms Of Psychic Warfare
59 Times The Pain
Books About UFOs
I Don't Know What You're Talking About
How to Skin a Cat
Whatcha Drinkin'?
Plans I Make

From the Album Flip Your Wig (1985) (buy at

Flip Your Wig
Every Everything
Makes No Sense At All
Hate Paper Doll
Green Eyes
Divide And Conquer
Find Me
Flexible Flyer
Private Plane
Keep Hanging On

From the Album Zen Arcade (1984) (buy at

Something I Learned Today
Broken Home, Broken Heart
Indecision Time
Hare Krsna
Never Talking To You Again
Chartered Trips
Beyond The Threshold
I'll Never Forget You
The Biggest Lie
Pink Turns To Blue
What's Going On (Inside My Head)
Masochism World
Standing By The Sea
Newest Industry
The Tooth Fairy And The Princess
Turn On The News

From the Album Metal Circus (1983) (buy at

Real World
Deadly Skies
It's Not Funny Anymore
First Of The Last Calls
Out On A Limb

From the Album Everything Falls Apart (1982) (buy at

From The Gut
Blah Blah Blah
Punch Drunk
Afraid of Being Wrong
Sunshine Superman
Signals From Above
Everything Falls Apart
In a Free Land
What do I Want?
Let's Go Die
Do you Remember?

From the Album Land Speed Record (1981) (buy at

All Tensed Up
Don't Try To Call
I'm Not Interested
Guns At My School
Push The Button
Gilligan's Island
Don't Have A Life
Tired Of Doing Things
You're Naive
Strange Week
Do The Bee
Big Sky
Let's Go Die
Data Control

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Eight Miles High

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