Do That (Snippet) Lyrics by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Lyrics

Do That (Snippet) Lyrics
What do you do when you are trying to impress me?
Up against the wall like you are trying to arrest me
I roll my back put your lips on my neck
Ah drop me from the... of your swag
Do it like you do when you are trying to win the game
Do whatever for the joy and the pain
Hands up don't you cover your ears
Cause I'm gonna whisper things I know you wanna hear

Beam for the way you're gonna touch me baby
All the other things are just an after...
Beam every other things that are cool baby
Do what you're doing just keep me high

I ain't had nobody... like that
And I like it boy when you're doing like that
Do it like you're doing it when we do it to the...
Just do that do that do that do that

Do that do that do that [repeats]

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