George Hamilton IV - Truck Driving Man Lyrics

George Hamilton IV Lyrics

Truck Driving Man Lyrics
Truck Driving Man

Well I stopped at a roadhouse in Texas
At a little place called Hamburger Dan’s
I heard that old jukebox start playing
A tune about a truck driving man

The waitress then brought me up some coffee
I thanked her and called her back again
I said that old song sure does hit me
‘Cause I’m a truck driving man


Pour me another cup of coffee
For it is the best in the land
I’ll put a nickel in the jukebox
And play the truck driving man

I climbed back aboard my old semi
And then like a flash I was gone
I got them old truck wheels a’rollin
‘Cause I’m on my way to San Antone

When I get my call up to glory
They’ll take me away from this land
I’ll head this old truck up to Heaven
“Cause I’m a truck driving man

(Repeat chorus)

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