George Hamilton IV - Roving Gambler Lyrics

George Hamilton IV Lyrics

Roving Gambler Lyrics
I'm a roving gambler gambled all around

Whenever I meet with a deck of cards I lay my money down

I gambled down in Washington gambled over in Spain

Now I'm on my way to Tennessee to knock down my last game

Knock down my last game knock down my last game

Had not been in Washington many more weeks than three

Till I fell in love with a pretty little girl she fell in love with me

She took me in her parlor she cooled me with her fan

Then she whispered low in mother's ear I love that gambling man

Love that gambling man love that gambling man

[ ac.guitar ]

Oh daughter oh dear daughter how could you treat me so

To leave your dear old mother and with that gambler go

Now listen to me mother you know I love you well

But the love I hold for the gambling man no human tongue can tell

No human tongue can tell no human tongue can tell

[ steel ]

Well I would not marry a railroad man this is a reason why

I never have seen a railroad man that would tell his wife of life

Oh mother oh dear mother I tell you if I can

If you ever see me a coming back I'll be with that gambling man

With that gambling man with that gambling man

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