George Hamilton IV - Mine Lyrics

George Hamilton IV Lyrics

Mine Lyrics
There's a wedding today mine I know a heart that's so gay mine

Just over the hill I know I will be able to see

The old church steeple and all the people waitin' for me

And I know there's a girl mine she's gonna live in this world of mine

We'll say ours vows together to love each other till forever

If there's one happy soul in this world it's mine

[ organ ]

I'm on top of the hill it's mine but something just brought the thrill of mine

I see the old church steeple but something's wrong I see no people

And what's worse I see no girl

Can it be that this girl of mine played the trick on this heart of mine

Not long ago when I met her she stole my heart I can't forget her

It looks like it's gonna be a broken heart mine

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