George Hamilton IV - Long Black Limousine Lyrics

George Hamilton IV Lyrics

Long Black Limousine Lyrics
There's a long line of mourners driving down our little street

Their fancy cars are such a sight to see

They're all of your rich friends that knew you in the city

And now they finally brought you on to me

When you left you told me someday you'd be returnin'

In a fancy car for all the town to see

Now everybody's watching you finally got your dream

You're riding in a long black limousine

The papers told of how you lost your life

The party and the fatal crash that night

The race upon the highway the curve you didn't see

And now you're in that long black limousine

[ steel ]

Through tear dimmed eyes I watch as you ride by

A chauffer at the wheel dressed up so fine

I'll never love another my heart and all my dreams

Are with you in that long black limousine

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