George Hamilton IV - I Will Miss You When You Go Lyrics

George Hamilton IV Lyrics

I Will Miss You When You Go Lyrics
I will miss you when you go much more than you'll ever know

But I'll have a memory to keep you near

In my heart you will remain but it just won't be the same

I will miss a million things that make you dear

Your lovely ways make you so sweet I prayed the angels fair will keep

You're happiness oh you'll be blessed just as you deserve to be

And as you travel on your way just remember that each day

Someone thinks of you and hopes you're happy dear

[ ac.guitar ]

(I ask for a silver star to shine brightly where you are

To guide your way through all eternity)

And when it's shining from above it will sparkle down with love

In all its glory for the world to see

Your kindly heart will help you find the happiness you have in mind

Your treasured chest will be the best cause it's filled with God's sunshine

I wonder why there are so few lovely people just like you

My but I will surely miss you when you go (when you go)

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