George Hamilton IV - Candy Apple Red Lyrics

George Hamilton IV Lyrics

Candy Apple Red Lyrics
He came speeding through the town each day at sundown

And his car was painted candy apple red

He was coming there to see the sheriff's daughter

And the sheriff didn't know it so they said

Time and time again the sheriff tried to catch him

But he always speeded up and got away

The old county jail stood patiently awaiting

And the sheriff vowed he'd put him there some day

Well there goes candy apple red that's what the people said

If he doesn't slow it down a bit he's gonna end up dead

And the sheriff's daughter said she'd rather end up dead

Than to live without her candy apple red

So the sheriff built a barricade to catch him

And he sat there at the limits of the town

But the sheriff's daughter had already met him

And had married him before the sun went down

When the sheriff saw the coming down the highway

He saw they couldn't stop and so he held his breath

As they crashed the barricade the car exploded

And the boy and girl went to a flaming death

Well there goes candy apple red that's what the people said

He didn't slow it down at all and he lies there dead

Now the sheriff bowed his head his daughter laied there dead

There in the arms of candy apple red

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