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The Game Lyrics
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From the Album Drillmatic Heart Vs. Mind (2022) (buy at
Drillmatic Heart Vs. Mind

From the Album Eazy [w/Kanye West] (2022) (buy at

From the Album Born 2 Rap (2019) (buy at
Born 2 Rap

From the Album 1992 (2016) (buy at
Savage Lifestyle
True Colors / It's On
F*ck Orange Juice
The Juice
Young Niggas
The Soundtrack (1992)
I Grew Up On Wu-Tang
However Do You Want It
Baby You
What Your Life Like
92 Bars
All Eyez (Bonus Track)

From the Album Block Wars (2016) (buy at
Block Wars
Block Wars
Get High
Uzis And Grenades
Lights Go Out
Run It
Bullet With Your Name On It

From the Album Streets Of Compton (2016) (buy at
Streets Of Compton

From the Album The Documentary 2.5 (2015) (buy at
The Documentary 2.5

From the Album The Documentary 2 (2015) (buy at
The Documentary 2

From the Album Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf (2014) (buy at
Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf

From the Album OKE (2013) (buy at
Kill Everything
Life Is But A Dream
Astronaut Pussy / Welcome To California
In The City
Love On Fire
Breakfast With Al Pacino
Oh Lord
Same Hoes
Turn Down For What
F*ck A Bitch
Super Throwed
Maybe In Another Life
You Don't Know
Just So You Know
Pour Up Remix

From the Album Jesus Piece (2012) (buy at

Scared Now
Ali Bomaye
Jesus Piece
All That (Lady)
Name Me King
See No Evil
Can't Get Right
Heaven's Arms
I Remember (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Blood Diamonds (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Dead People (iTunes Bonus Track)
Blood Of Christ (Best Buy Bonus Track)
Holy Water (Best Buy Bonus Track)

From the Album Money Gang (2012) (buy at
Money Gang
Ready To Blow
Purp & Patron
F*ckin With Me
G Shit
Change Your Life
The Logo

From the Album California Republic (2012) (buy at

God Speed
Red Bottom Boss
The Drill
Hit The J
Mean Muggin
Yonkers Freestyle Base
Death Penalty
Bottles And Rockin J's (Remix)
Pussy Money Weed
Gone Ahead
Now That Im Paid
Skate On
When My Niggas Come Home
It Must Be Tough
She Want To Have My Baby
Come Up
Cats And Dogs
The Logo
The Best Revenge
They Don't Want None
Bills Is Paid
Roll My Shit

From the Album The R.E.D. Album (2011) (buy at

Dr. Dre Intro (performed by Dr. Dre)
The City
Drug Test
Martians Vs. Goblins
Red Nation
Dr. Dre, Pt. 1 (performed by Dr. Dre)
Good Girls Gone Bad
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Heavy Artillery
Speakers On Blast
All The Way Gone
Pot Of Gold
Dr. Dre, Pt. 2 (performed by Dr. Dre)
All I Know
Born In The Trap
Mama Knows
California Dream
Dr. Dre Outro (performed by Dr. Dre)
I'm The King (F.Y.E. Exclusive Bonus Track)
Basic Bitch (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Hoodmorning [No Typo] [Candy Coronas] (2011) (buy at
Drug Test
Can You Believe It
Mr West / Money & Power
Monsters In My Head
25 To Life
Out Of Towner
Standin On A Corner
Grave Yard
The Town
Uncle Otis (Jay-Z Diss)
Change Your Life
I'm On
F*cked Up
She Wanna Have My Baby

From the Album Purp & Patron: The Hangover (2011) (buy at
Purp & Patron: The Hangover
The Hangover

From the Album Purp & Patron (2011) (buy at
Purp & Patron
L.A. Times
Soo Woo
R.I.P. Story
Purp & Patron
Taylor Made
Childrens Story
Ferrari Lifestyle
The Kill
Purp & Yellow SKEETOX (Black and Yellow (Los Angeles Lakers Remix))
Bad Intentions
Khaki Suit
Ashed To Ashes
Soft Rhodes
I Just Want To F*ck
Favorite DJ Remix
Can A Drummer Get Some

From the Album The R.E.D. Files (2010) (buy at

Better Days
Big Money
I Like Girls
I'm The King
It Must Be Me
Only One
Pushin It
Pussy Fight
Red Nation

From the Album The Red Room (2010) (buy at

400 Bars (The Skeemix)
Everything Red
It Must Be Me

From the Album L.A.X. (2008) (buy at

LAX Files
State Of Emergency
Bulletproof Diaries
My Life (Clean Version)
Cali Sunshine
Ya Heard
House Of Pain
Gentleman's Affair
Let Us Live
Never Can Say Goodbye
Dope Boys
Game's Pain
Letter To The King
Ain't F*ckin With You (iTunes Bonus Track)
Big Dreams (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Camera Phone (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Nice (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Spanglish (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album You Know What It Is Vol. 4: Murda Game Chronicles (2007) (buy at
You Know What It Is: Vol. 4
U Krazy
The Pledge
Body Bags (G-Unit Diss)

From the Album Doctor's Advocate (2006) (buy at

Lookin At You
Da Shit
It's Ok (One Blood)
Let's Ride (Strip Club)
Too Much
Wouldn't Get Far
Scream On Em
One Night
Doctor's Advocate
Ol' English
California Vacation
Around The World
Why You Hate The Game
I'm Chillin (UK Bonus Track)

From the Album Untold Story: Volume II (2005) (buy at

F*ck Wit Me
For My Gangstaz
Money Over Bitches
I'm A Mobsta
Business Never Personal
Eat Your Beats Alive
Just Beginning (Where I'm From)
Born & Raised In Compton (Raised As A G)
We Are The Hustlaz
Walk Thru The Sky
Truth Rap
Drop Ya Thangs
The Game Get Live

From the Album West Coast Resurrection (2005) (buy at

The Streetz Of Compton
Krush Groove
Rookie Card
Promised Land
Gutta Boyz
Put It In The Air
Work Hard
Untold Story

From the Album The Documentary (2005) (buy at

Westside Story
Hate It Or Love It
This Is How We Do (Fresh '83)
Don't Need Your Love
Church For Thugs
Put You On The Game
Start From Scratch
The Documentary
No More Fun And Games
We Ain't
Where I'm From
Don't Worry
Like Father, Like Son

From the Album You Know What It Is: Volume 3 (2005) (buy at
You Know What It Is: Vol. 3
300 Bars & Runnin'
Down (Lloyd Banks Diss)
Poison Bananas
I'm A King
Play The Game
Lil Bit (Remix)
M.O.B. Freestyle
Why U Smell Like Dat
Street Muzik
Where I'm From
Never Be Friends
Hate It Or Love It (Stree Remix)
All I Need
Playas Only
Dreams (Street Remix)
Justo Faison Tribute

From the Album Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin (2005) (buy at

We Are The Champions
120 Bars
G-Unit Crip
My Lowrider
All I Need
I Told You
Outro (Red Bandanas)

From the Album Ghost Unit (2005) (buy at
Ghost Unit
Ghost Unit Intro
Mr. Potato Head
Old Gunz
Palm Pilot
Walkin In The Rain

From the Album You Know What It Is: Vol. 2 (2004) (buy at
You Know What It Is: Vol. 2
New York (Remix)

From the Album Untold Story (2004) (buy at

Neighborhood Supa Starz
When Shit Get Thick
I'm Looking
Real Gangstaz
Drama Is Real
Compton 2 Filimoe
El Presidente
Cali Boyz
Who The Illest
Bleek Is ...
Don't Cry
Compton Compton

Other Songs:
200 Bars And Running
400 Bars
911 Is A Joke (Cop Killa) (R.I.P. Sean Bell)
Ain't No Doubt About It
All Day, All Night
All Doggs Go To Heaven (RIP Nate Dogg)
American Dream
Anything You Ask For
Bang Along
Belee Dat
Better On The Other Side (Michael Jackson Tribute)
Bitch I'm Paid
Breaking Rules
Champion (From "NBA 2K10" Soundtrack)
Code Red Freestyle
Compton Story
Confessions Of A Desperate Man
Cosmic Kev Freestyle
Dope Game
Dreams (Remix)
Drop It Like Its Hot Freestyle
Duck Down
Face Of L.A.
Feelin It
Feels Good
Fire In Ya Eyes
Fly Like An Eagle
Game Tells Truth Intro (From "Bangadoshish" Mixtape)
Game's Pain (Mega Remix)
Gangstas Ride (Jay-Z Diss)
Ghost Rider
Hard Liquor
Hate It Or Love It (Da MVP)
How We Do (Remix)
I Got A Million On It (Yukmouth Diss)
I Like Girls
I'm A Muthaf*ckin Soldier (50 Cent Diss)
I'm So Wavy (Jay-Z Diss)
I'm The King
Jackin' For Beats
Kush (Remix) (Lost Verse)
Let's Ride (Remix)
Memph Bleek Iz
M.I.A. (3 Heats)
Money, Money, Money (Snippet)
Monsters In My Head
My Bitch (50 Cent, Jay-Z & Suge Diss)
My Life (Explicit Version)
My Life Remix
My Love For You
My Turn
New Jack City
Niggas In Compton (Freestyle)
On Fire
One Blood (Dirty South Remix)
One Blood (East Coast Remix)
One Blood (Extended Remix)
One Blood (West Coast Remix)
Pot Of Gold
PowerHouse Anthem
Pussy Monster
Put Me Under
Red Bottoms
Red Magic
She Wanna Have My Baby
Slangin' Rocks
Still Cruisin'
Still Me
Stunner Shades (Snippet)
Switches (From "G-Unit Radio Part 8: The Fith Element" Mixtape)
The Funeral 100 Bar
The Taped Conversation (50 Cent & G-Unit Diss)
Through My Eyes
Uncle Otis (Jay-Z Diss)
We Gorillaz
We Will Survive
Westside Story (Remix)
What You Wanna Do
Where Im From Part 2
You Are The Blood

The Game Info:

The Game is an American rapper and actor. Game is best known as a rapper in the West Coast hip hop scene, and for being one of Dr. Dre's most notable protégés. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Jayceon Terrell Taylor

Chuck, Hurricane, The California Kid, Dr. Dre's Protege, G-Unot

November 29, 1979 ( age )

Compton, California, U.S.

Hip hop

6' 4" (1.93 m)

Rapper, actor

Years active:

Name Game:
"The Game" was coined by his grandmother who said he was "game" for anything

Associated acts:
50 Cent
Chris Brown
Dr. Dre
Kanye West
Kendrick Lamar
Lil Wayne
Snoop Dogg

Did You Know:
• His mother and father were affiliated gang members

• He was shot five times after a failed drug deal in 2001

Tour Dates:

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