French Montana - We Got Hoes Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

We Got Hoes Lyrics
Got 'em hangin off the rope,
Live from the coke,
Mr. Montana here it's the year for your folks,
You say how could you predict it,
When poverty restrict it,
And old niggas clogging up the arteries,
All I needs,
Three bad bitches on my lap,
Make it clap,
Here baby take a stack,
Get your hair done,
Don't worry where it came from,
My head numb,
Weed smoke,
Weed toke,
I'll tella we ride,
With the felonies homie,
Get caught with it then without it,
Drami got me riding with suicide doors thoughts,
Tryin to make it outta court,
Got me beggin', for my life,
Pissin' all kinda shit,
Paranoid tryna tell my lawyer go all out for me,
Ride with me,
Do the backroll with my windows up,
Homie and my hat low,
Man it is what you make it,
Backblock dice game rolled on,
With the hoody on and the ice chain Montana,

[Mike Shorey:]
It don't stop we on a mission,
Young niggas been getting money I listened,
How ya niggas think I got this position,
Speaking all facts and fiction?

Don't you know Don't you know,
We got dough,
And we get low we get low,
On that dro,
You already kno already kno,
We got hoes,
Reak on the low on the low,
We get dough,
You already kno

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