French Montana - R&B Chicks Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

R&B Chicks Lyrics
What you talkin' bout, I'm a (Coke Boy) put in work

[Hook - French Montana:]
Mary J, Miley Cyrus
Tell Ashanti, let a nigga holla
I had a dream f*ckin' R&B bitches
I had a dream f*ckin' R&B bitches
Catch me rollin', Kelly Rowland
Tell Rihanna, let a nigga holla
I had a dream f*ckin' R&B bitches
I had a dream f*ckin' R&B bitches

[Verse 1 - French Montana:]
Mary J bought me everything
Kelly Rowland bought that press be rolling
I heard that Rihanna got that oooh
Tryna get Kelly wetter than her pool
Smokin' on that Etta James
Stackin' that Aretha Franklin
Smokin' Keisha, ease the pain
OG, Mary J
Ooh I like it, blow a quarter mill
Smoke about a field, talkin' bout that Lauryn Hill
TLC what I'm going about
All my bitches Rihanna, all my bitches Madonna
Tell JB going to JJ, f*ck that, going KK
Riding around with that AK, every day be pay day


[Verse 2 - Fabolous:]
J. Lo's, Beyno's and K. ro's
Mamis, lightskins, darkskins, when I say so
Sippin' on this Brandy, Smokin' on that Keisha
Fell in love with my AK, with a new swisher to Licia
She in between my verses, I'm in between her legs
You seen her at award shows, I seen her on the reg
I need a freak in the morning, a freak in the evening
Adina Howard for real, I'm freaking then I'm leaving
That Aguilera bought that black Carrera
That Kelly Clarkson bought that Aston Martin
I'm tryna get a Christina Milli yo
And an R&B bitch that can really blow, yo


[Verse 3 - Wale:]
Kick game Neymar, psh psh, Tamar
Keep it G, I'm no hypebeast but tell Bernstein [?] to leave the J's on
Oh I got a fetish, talkin' bout me out in Philly
She just married a billionaire, tryna see what went chilly
Damn Misses Badu, there's just something about you
Tell me next lifetime, I'm shooting myself for proof, oops
Tinashe, I'm tryna show you love
Heard you get 2 on, I just need one then I'm good
Mary J, got your number from Puff
I'm young enough to be your son, but what's that 411?
You know I'm just playing, you know I love them ladies
You know I love you like a sister, unless you thinking maybe


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