French Montana - Paranoid Remix Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Paranoid Remix Lyrics
[Intro: Rick Ross & (Diddy)]
Real nigga walk through, been real
(Dream Team), lot of K
Coke Boy, Black Bottle Boys, (Bad Boy)
Ciroc lifestyle, (Yo, check this out)

[Verse 1: Diddy]
I been getting high since '94
Money from the ceiling down to the floor
I see myself, I can't trust no more
Damn, I'm so paranoid!
I make big money, I buy big cars
Everybody know me, it's like I'm a movie star!

[Interlude: Rick Ross]
Bullets ripping through my door like I was Biggie, nigga
But my voodoo strong enough for 50 niggas, that's 50 niggas
Let's hold hands, nigga, let's get this money, nigga

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Bullets ripping through my door like I was Biggie, nigga
But my voodoo strong enough for 50 niggas
Skyscraper, my bitches be tall as ceilings
So it's only right we looking down on niggas
Started as a end and now we 50 million
I got bury money, my bitch watching Wendy Williams
Bulletproof my SUV, it burn a lot of gas
Send black folk to your city just to drop a body bag
You talking but my niggas speak a different code
Women love me, say my dick feel like it's dipped in gold
Diamonds on my fingers like I'm Liberace
How many of you niggas really been a papi?
So callate la boca, baby
She thought we throwing some refugees off the coast of Haiti
Mastermind (Mastermind), it's on the way (it's on the way)
We run the game (we run the game) 800 ways (800 ways)!

[Hook: Johnny Maycash]
I be so (I be so) paranoid (paranoid)
I hear these niggas tryin' to f*ck with me
But, real shit, I know I got enemies
I can't let them niggas into me
I ain't scared to die, nigga, huh
I'll take your life, nigga
F*ckin' shoot 'em down, nigga
A hundred rounds'll blow you down, nigga

[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
Let's get it, paranoia got me feeling woozy
Copped a uzi, clip hanging over like the movies
Say your statements, how you telling scripts long as movies
I'm a wild nigga, I'm a wild nigga
Last time I brought swag, it was trial, nigga
State game, I rolled 50, lost trial, nigga
"There he go", I was a lost child, nigga
Found God when I payed my first vows, nigga
I married the streets, kissed my mama goodbye
She say "17?", the way she thinking, had dreams I'mma die
Real nigga for life (real nigga for life), so paranoid (so paranoid)
Connect had hit me, he got shooters in California

[Verse 4: Chinx]
Since they killed Stack from this building, I relocated my children
Hope his shooter step forth and just make his debut appearance
They try to lock up my kind, scared to pick up my line
My phone tapped like Avon, my Cuban link like Raekwon
These streets all that I know, my block hot like pyro
All we know is "get it" so, nigga, if you scared, call five-0
Said they gon' bulletproof all of my whips
Watch what I say when I lay with my bitch
Watch when that shit hit the fan and them choppers start blamming
She pro'ly be down with the hit, boy!


[Verse 5: French Montana]
Ay, I-I be the hottest nigga out my city
Hit you with some shit you never seen on Tip and
Know a nigga shining, all my diamonds pretty
I-I-I hit a lick, I'm worth a couple million
Ay, that car n'it 400 thou', nigga
That top drop like Pacquiao, nigga
I hit up K.O.D. and left a hundred in it
Hundred on my watch, I'm shining every minute
They caught him on that corner, left a hundred in him
Niggas goin' broke, that'll never be me
That-that paranoia (paranoia), got me watchin' lawyer (watchin' lawyer)
Molly water (molly water), tryna wake up sober

[Verse 6: Jadakiss]
I keep my hitter with me, that's my shooter, nigga
Only thing I'm scared of is what he'll do to niggas
Just for the love, I'mma do it with ya
Closed casket, let 'em come and view a picture
Yeah, it's amazing how the time fly
Yeah, the hate is at a all-time high
Yeah, I got them things in the hood working
Uh, death is the only thing certain
F-Y-I, I ain't scared to die
Ain't afraid to lose and I ain't scared to try
Game of destroyer, retain a lawyer
Federal indictment, that's paranoia, what?

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