French Montana - Max B Skit Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Max B Skit Lyrics
[Max B & Lil Mo Mozzarella]
Hold on, we ready? We on record?
We on record, baby
Listen, let me just talk my shit, 'cause it been a lil' minute
Aight, shout to my motherf*ckin' man, the Don Montana
You already know, it's the motherf*ckin' Money Heist
It's your boy Max Biggavel', we here
Rest in peace Chinx, we here, this shit is real
Don Montega, Max Biggavel'
I love what you doin', nigga, keep up this great work
We on our f*ckin' way and we gon' shut the game down, nigga
Y'all niggas get y'all shit ready
It's my boy Tom, it's the Money Heist, nigga
Y'all niggas gеt your bags together
And we takin' all this shit
Wе comin' in, we comin', nigga
We takin' this shit in cold blood, nigga
Ayy, ayy, French, nigga, do what you do
Rest in peace Chinx
Rest in peace to all the fallen s-, all the fallen soldiers
Man, we miss y'all, we love y'all, hold it up
Lemonade, you already know what it is
It's been a lil' minute since I said somethin'
But, um, I'm just talkin' my shit
My nigga-, my nigga Don Montana holdin' it up
You already know, Max Biggavel' on this motherf*ckin' wave, nigga
I'ma be out, nigga
2-Ball, Al, get it right
Wave Daddy, Wave God, Max Biggavel' shinin' off
Ayy, French, I love you
Good lookin' on that motherf*ckin' money
All this-, nigga, you holdin' it up, nigga
Al, we on our way
(Gangsta Grillz)
One, hahaha
One, nigga, it's the Money Heist
It's the Money Heist, hey, Paul?
Yeah, bro, hahaha

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