French Montana - Let You Know Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Let You Know Lyrics
Grind don't stop
I be tryin' to get mine off top
Baby gon' grind on top
Baby please
Baby gon' grind on top of me
Baby please
Don't lie
Had to let you know

[Verse 1:]
If you talk about whip it', I got work for years
I took 50 racks, bought some veneers
Smile at them haters, hope you see me clear
Had to let you know, act up, I let you go
When the fiens start to copping
Is when my dreams die with Martin
They won't buy you soup when you're alive
But they'll buy you flowers in that box
Started with Max B out in Harlem
Had to let you know, act up I let 'em go
Spend a hundred racks behind that velvet rope
Had to let you know, act up, I let you go


[Verse 2:]
Well connected, well respected
Mighty dollar and that armor kept me well protected
All weapons concealed, no evil shall prosper
To the mighty one, ridin' with my shotgun
I show you them cars, I show you them broadz
I show you them chains, I show you them scars
Started with a thought, cause we ain't have alot
Always knew I'd be a star, maybe an astronaut


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