French Montana - In The Sun Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

In The Sun Lyrics
[Hook - French Montana:]
Can't tell me nothing bout this feeling
You can't tell me nothing
Can't tell me nada
Oh la la, Ooh la la la [x2]

Cut a moon roof in the '72
That's what the paper tell me do
Spaceship came through, slayed you
Thinkin' that the game new, fool who raised you?
I ain't got time to save you
Paydays I'm on the way to
State to state, many a stage and venue
The stoned saga continues
I'm fin to, collect more residuals
Off digitals and physical
Record in the fortress stable of Ferrari horses
Paved the driveway parked exotics on it
Looking at 'em just make me want more shit
I'm addicted to this hustle I'm so sick
Tug of war with my girl cause I can't split into two people
Wanna work just as bad as I wanna be with you
Sitting in my homeboys Regal, higher than a eagle
Thinking of a loophole to squeeze through
Leave to that paper that's church, cathedral
Take my Kangol off before I enter the bistro
Crooks gotta eat too, in a castle with platters of seafood
Lavish extravagance wishing it could be you
See you when I see you
And when I do don't be looking all evil and deceitful

100 spokes and new clothes [x4]


[French Montana:]
Hopped out the blue smoking purple
Free boss don on my shirt
My niggas they always earn
Tell em niggas all lay down
Yeaa you remember me?
Connected from the bottom like the letter v
I turn strangers to best friends
Best friends to strangers, jealousy and anger
Same water soften up the potatoes, boil up the egg
It ain't where you from its your circumstance
Trips to Kansas, never question, answer
Had to build an empire, just to build a mansion
Got the bread left the bacon as salaam-alaikum
Why hate? Cop an i8 one weekend
Everyday's crunch time like the last point
If I don't make it I'll be talking through the glass joint


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