French Montana - How You Want It Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

How You Want It Lyrics
[Part 1:]

We always do it Fraud. You know sometimes you gotta take that risk, you know?
If you make it, you hit the jackpot. And if you miss, nigga,
know to never do that stupid ass shit again. HAAAAAN! Montana

[Verse 1:]
I swear to God, when I die, go and bury me in linen
I was high in that courthouse when Max got sentenced
I was blind when them niggas switched on me for them pennies
I was ridin' 'til he shot me on the corner, left me skinny
Shock for 8 weeks, lie in their sheets
Now I menage with their freaks
12 cars, 8 Jeeps, Skydwellers, APs
Roses, ferocious, keep God the closest
Where it's crimes it's roaches, where there's corpses, it's vultures
What you seek is seekin' you, baby don't leave
I'm leavin' you, play for keeps, keepin' you arm length
Park bench, now we buy the whole park
Hampshire with the golf cart
Keep the streets, buy the whole chart
This shit is all tough, you can't curve the picture
These birds'll get yah
Hundred chains, three furs
Wack bitch, the nerve of you
Honor before the comma
Walkin' drama with open arms, coke boy, peep the lineup
I'm talkin' Tango and Cash, hit the bank, no mass
Out the freezer, cold cash, put Grammy winners in cabs
Never happens twice, gotta take a chance
Never ends, never starts, got cars that never start
No plan B, can't sleep, my mind racin'
'Round paper, put it underground, build the foundation
Never worry 'bout the shit you gotta lose
Worry 'bout the shit you gotta gain, nigga I done lost my brain

[Hook 1:]
Paint you another sky
Could sing you a lullaby
Flowers never bloom, baby
Wish I never knew you, baby
Came out the concrete
Straight to the money
Kept it 100
Now tell me how you want it
Tell me how you want it, darling
Tell me how you want it, darling
Bottom to the top
Then top to the bottom with my dawg
We gon' toss it out

[Part 2]

[Hook 2:]
I done came from the bottom
They done f*cked up and shot him
Now I can't stay sober
You thought it should be over
Go hard with it's our time
Come a little closer
Try to stop us, no sir
Try to stop us, no sir

[Verse 2:]
We in the lead
Drinkin' 'Roc, smokin' weed
What's your promise? Never leave me
My headhunters can't believe it
White mink, drop when the hoes on it
Whole team hot when it's cold
Big body, 6 clean
She pop molly, I'm sippin' lean
Every time I look, I see a nigga hate
Every time he turn, I see there's bitches waitin'
Pull up in that Aston with no mileage
Pull up like a dealer, baby, no wallet

[Hook 2]

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