French Montana - Hard Work Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Hard Work Lyrics
[Chorus - French Montana:]
Hard work gon pay off
I be high off this money, I don't know what they be on
Grind on my day off
Want diamonds and the rings, and I don't settle for the playoffs
Going for the chips
All them hoes at the mansion, tryna rip the gate off
Joey tryna stay off
Tell em take their shoes off, make sure they stay off
F*ck nigga way off
My young boys shooters, Steph Curry in the playoffs
Going for the chips
Fat Joe gonna call the genie, get the weight off

[Verse 1 - Lil Durk:]
Bitch we gone stay on
She gone like 8 homes
Bought a lot of cars just to match my 8 homes
Body after body in my city till the tape gone
Red tape, shoot em till the morgue, ain't no headaches
Me, Chinx, Montana, we be flexing on em
Don't try em, them nigga's they keep that weapon on em
Rondo in that jail cause nigga's telling on him
Got money in London but I'm a felon homie
First seen a brick, I'm like ayo
Thirty thousand cash, I'm an a-hole
Pop the pussy quick when the cash thrown
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 2 - French Montana:]
Hard work gone pay off
I'm addicted to the lean, popping pills, can't stay off
Can't take a day off
My young boy run up on you with the K, blow your brain off
Shawty can't stay off
She ain't bringing nothing to the table, cut the bitch straight off
Take her to the ship
She got seasick, called up, need the day off
Reggie in the playoff
I got high all winter then went and took May off
Shawty bust it open, jump right on it
Cracker backs, put the spike on it
Seats with the spike on it
Everything got a price on it
Shine bright when the lights on you
Her ass fat, land flights on it
Call Durk and Fredo
Run up on you, knock the horse on your polo straight off


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