French Montana - Hang On (Intro) Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Hang On (Intro) Lyrics
Lord you a stranger
All is [?] destiny
Streets was hard
When you was suspect, you were talkin'
Honor roll, red carpet
Catch me speedin', watch us park
You a stranger to me (stranger)

Swizz Beatz, Swiss accounts, Swisher Sweets (Swisher Sweets)
Switchin' freaks, switchin' cars [?]
Hurt your heart, Instagram hurt your heart
Ask her what's your favorite position, she said "Swipe the card"
Dealin' with a whole lotta (whole lotta)
Swear we high off the OG in the lowrider
If it ain't that blue dot, it's the gold bottle
Wish you was next to me
Devil was busy, God was blessin' him
Double parked in the hampton
Walkie talkies in the mansion
Strapped against him, chain [?] laid for cancer
Pray for answers, ballin' should've played for cancer
Stunt my ass off, shawty said, "Pick your pants up"

And I swear, when I'm down
Drugs are for me
And I swear
Drugs and hoes on me

Niggas tried to count me out
Better count me in, 10 mil', count it out
Pipe it down, Eddie Murphy, [?]
Stretch them commas, watch me dress and stylin'
If that brain good, pay tuition, ride through college
Ride through Howard, strapped, fight for hours
Public enemy, had to fight the power
Drinkin' Hennessy, with guns and powder
Ridin' with some gangstas, smokin' that loud
You stuntin' in the club and then the club hatin'
You bought a hundred bottles, Ciroq paid it
Since a youngin', nigga, block paid me
Hundred bricks turned to cash money, yeah baby
Switch the topic, stitch the [?]
Medusa head lion head custom in car
Oversized Wraith, overpay to park it
My bitch worth 50 mil', paparazzi on her
You can get with this, or you can get with that
And you can get with this, and this where it's at
Custom made shit, dealer plates
Lookin' killers in the face
Beef with 50, I was cool with Banks
Swipe chips, empty out the banks
Talkin' cars, I pump a lotta tanks
Bad Boy, Death Row, pockets Franklins
They killed Stack, I came out with Chinx
Fidel Castro, a hundred links
Made me an animal, I bought a hundred minks

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