French Montana - Haaaaan (Max B Speaks) Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Haaaaan (Max B Speaks) Lyrics
I'm the voice of them killers, turn dope into millions
Get hung with a rope from the ceiling
Where I'm from they're either smokin' or dealin'
Price of life so cheap, 100 deep with coke in the villa
Old niggas keep talkin' 'bout the rules to the streets
Baby home cryin', they ain't got no food to eat
All that stress got you losin' sleep
Nigga on the grind, same clothes, same shoes for weeks
And everything you got, you pay the price for it
Yellin' boy, squeeze, put your brains on a night floor
Back against the wall, gotta fight for it
They givin' less time for murder than a white rock

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