French Montana - Gangsta Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Gangsta Lyrics
Shawty want to be a gangster
Smoke this weed like a gangster
Tote this gun like a gangster
And take that charge like a gangster
Get money like a gangster
Drive them cars like a gangster
Getting work like a gangster
Goddamn, them bitches love a gangster

I got this gun from a gangster
I was tryna kill a gangster
I bought a brick from a gangster
Broke it down and gave it to some gangsters
I got hustle from a gangster
I ain't talking Russell, nigga talking gangster
Got my slang from a gangster
Montana, got my name from a gangster


Caught a charge with a gangster
He took the charge like a gangster
Bought my first car from a gangster
50 log cash like a gangster
I be riding round with them gangsters
Started from the ground with them gangsters
Niggas try to sound like the gangsters
Till it's going down with some gangsters
Raised on the strip with them gangsters
Caught my first lick with them gangsters
Catch me high smoking with some gangsters
Shawty bust it open for a gangster


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