French Montana - Coke Boy Money Lyrics

French Montana Lyrics

Coke Boy Money Lyrics
I'm talking Coke Boy money, it's money you've never seen
Nigga the drug money, we get it by any means
I turned one brick to a three, we flip with the 16
Taking headshots, 187 the same

Oh shit, jughead just bought a 5, g-head
A king tut piece, bout the size of Little Maurice
Fore I step out the crib put the 40 on me
When you greet a nigga do it how you would an OG

Shots rained, bum dropped his 40 ounce OE
It's kinda hard tryna survive in New York streets
Drop back, young boys lift you off your feet
We be ripping tours, drug dealers done hit the floors
White wraith, white house nigga, world is yours
I got a thang with china silk, diamond rings
3 quarter mink, [?] on the link
Four five six bitch walking with the bank
Montana, rent paid [?]
Peep the driveway, you gone need a gas stop
They tried to finish me, came up in this industry
Catch me in that drop head, shawty getting dentistry
Hoes pimps and [?], nigga play the burner

Talk fly, nigga clip your wings
Put your bitch in the crossfades, chicken wings
We flip birds like we're flying trapeze
Niggas on parole, frying that leaf

Niggas flying that east
Where you gone have to die for that piece
Bout 1.5 on them cars at least

Hopped out, got the new car smell
Coach him how to touchdown with the work
Nigga Bill Parcells
Snatch your chain, niggas buy it back
Watch for the wire tap
All the loose ends, we be tying that

Buying that, 36 Os, 36 strategies of war
Stash houses, hackey sack then [?] wall
We ain't see the law, Stevie Wonder how
One nation under god, never let the drama slide
Screaming Buh!


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