French Montana - Body Numb Full Of Drugs Lyrics

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Body Numb Full Of Drugs Lyrics
I gotta listen to people because of your f*cking shit?
Your ordering me out?
You better get your own f*cking army pal

Stop the bank
Money we make it
Nigga we take it
Bitches be naked
My body numb full of drugs [x4]
Full of drugs

When I'm counting money, only time I'm smiling [x4]

I be high, bitches eye blinking
Rap it hunnid times, still have to pause thinking
When I'm counting money, only time I'm smiling
Girl your money took me 3 days to count it
Boy mansion you can fit 80 pounds
I be super high, super-super-super high
Got a fifth of bottle to a [?]
Count it 9 mill
Have to climb hills
4 hunnid watches, look at that time hill
Hurricane Chris
Money was my main business
Stack the paper, never let the mula [?]


What you gon' do
Do it for [?]
Rondo, bitches combo
I might turn you, call me [?]
[?], sticks and stones
Hot 9, switching phones
Catch the channel, my body numb
Skinny dipping, [?]
All my niggas scoring every time them niggas [?]
Harry Fraud, Chinx, Durk, that's the family
We took it over, hope you understand it
Play with rings, money talks
Speak 10 different languages


Ey what the f*ck you doing on TV anyhow
You know I get calls from back home every f*cking day
They think your on bad shape
I'm only on TV is because I get to be able to hang around in the casino
You know you understand that
Yeah f*cking is
You could have had the food and beverage job without going on television
You wanted to go on TV

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