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Freeway Lyrics

When They Remember Lyrics
Soo... The Last time
We will remember
We all only remember

That's right
Constantly tottin the pistol
When I rap, it's so offical when I rap
Came in the game on mac bac
Jumped off
Now I'm scoring like shaq
Globetrottin yea I'm tourin the map
Coupe ridin when I'm back in the hood
Benz coupe put the roof in the back
Got my strapper on my lap so I'm good (yea)
Cross reason u will definitly lose
Lil scrapper cuase u death in the booth
Put ses in the woods
I blew 1st cause I'm the best in the hood
It's sumthing missin
Ya'll busy ya'll congesting the booth (yea)
God with me so I second to who?
Noboby but the brother muhameed
Islamic Stlye is Hotter
About a Dollar Holler
Roc-A-feller top Shotters
Make the models holler
Get your thousand dollars
We can shoot it out or bang it out it's not a problem
If a nigga hidin I know how to find him

Sooo... The last Time
We will remember
We all only remember
We will remember

I've been rhyming since the 90's
Been on it since 01
Got 300 niggas dats ridin I'm leonadis
I am cumin for the title
Take the best rapper
Hang from his feet an dry em
Iron sheet clothes line em
Was on a iron bust
Now I'm on a Iron Bird
Flying don't tryin cause hes rhyming with a Iron Beak
If u Lookin For Compettion
I am HE
All Ya'll Can take a L
D.I Me
F-R-E me a' mour
Tell the them Underage chickens they should bring ID
If they ain't got it they ain't gettin up V.I.P
We liven
All my women be in Christine De'aore
Freezer in Bently But he listen to Porshe
Ya'll hear the beat bangin
Well it's V.I Beek
I'm from north Philly
Round the Corner From Pink
Took my pictures in the clique
Now my pics in SOURCE

Sooo... The last time
We will Remember
We all only remember
We will remember

I kiiled my own Proffesion Droppin Pelicans off
Don't Push em Freezer Muslim
So he Better Than Ya'll
Plus freezer Pop them checks
More Cheddar than Ya'll
An his BArs Like SARS
Knock your Relative off
Rule 1
Don't f*ck with F.R
Dats That's
OH YAll thought he was whack
While ya'll so dumb now
POp Me and get POp At
I got the M
I got 16 Ways on how to hit your mans up
PUll Them VAns up HOP in
Throw on them TIMBERLAND Boots
Put them vans up
This a stand off
Ya'll should man up
I ain't from the bay
Philly niggas ghost ride with them CANNONS
We rely to have u Divin with them salmons
Free a SHark Man
Marks man shot
This is what the poeples is wanting
ME and B come with dat FUNK we bout to do it again
Come on

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