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Freeway Lyrics

We Get Around Lyrics
[Singer (Freeway)]
Laaaaa (Uh!)
Let's get this on, let's get this on
We can get this pimpin' (Jeah!)
Roll the dice (Just Blaze!)
We can get this mackin' (Uh-oh!)
(Jeah) Yeaah, bon bon bon

[Verse One - Freeway (Singer)]
From P-H-I L-L-Y
All the way to L-B-C, that be me
The boy F-R-Double-The-E play with mouths
I will dot your I's, blaze your T's (Bon bon bon)
No! No! I'm not related to R
I don't play with kids, I check IDs
If a chick under the age under the wig
Then she don't get under the kid makin' her bleed
Shit, I'm gone with the breeze, out with the wind
In Miami, tryin' to win two mamis out in the beach
They say I'm frontin' my Spanish, I think you prob'ly
Ain't gon' let the papi do you, I spotted you from the beach
She eat I like a melon
Tryin' to ride to my telly, chicks move when the playa speak
Them freaks tryin' to meet the Roc
And those chicks wasn't shocked when I said

[Chorus: Singer]
You can get this pimpin' baby, you can get this mackin'
All around the world we do it big, you know what's happenin'
Like the way you work it baby, so sexy
It's all good, gimme brains on your knees

[Bridge One - Freeway (Snoop Dogg)]
Can I hit that pussy baby? Yo, you know what's happenin'
Big F-R-Double-E, I keep it crackin'
All across the wizzorld, we doin' trizzars
With my nigga Dizzogg (Bon bon bon)

[Verse Two - Snoop Dogg (Singer)]
I've been all around the wizzorld, I met a lot of gizzurls
Shaniqua, Kanika, Pizzearl, Shizzirl
Look, I can go on and on
Cause my game is strong, word is bond
Leave me a zone, no, leave me alone
See I'm up in the clizzub, banging the pizzubs
Tryin' to get some skizzirts, cause you know how I dizzoes
I'm real this this crippin' cause it's all in my blizzood
A lot of suckas wanna get us, but can't f*ck with us
Cause we some real heavy hitters
'Nuff of that, cuff your ass, stuff your sack and bounce
Roc-A-Fella's in the motherf*ckin' Dogghouse (Bon bon bon)
So you know, blow for blow, toe for toe
Chauffeur dough, matter of fact we can go hoe for hoe
(Get this on) And I bet you I beat you
Cause I keep a bundle of 'em that'll greet you, see you (Bon bon bon)
Then freak you


[Bridge Two: Snoop Dogg]
Can I hit that pussy baby? Yeah, you know what's happenin'
Big Snoopy D-O-Double, you know I keep it crackin'
All up in your hizzoes, do it the G way
With my nigga Freeway, bon bon bon

[Verse Three: Freeway]
After the show, take them chickens to my room
Makin' the moves, smellin' the fumes, sparkin' the 'dro
She gotta roll after I'm done hittin' her off
Man I smash with my kicks off, live on the road
I get around! Free stay round the coochie
I come around and round up all the groupies
Me and Snoopy swerve in a Coupe DeVille
Pick up a couple chicks and we get the dough
Watch, I show y'all chumps how to work the skills
Man the heat go (Bon bon bon bon bon)
Then I reload (Bon bon bon)
Through your people's peepholes, then I gotta roll
From around! Free stay round the hood strapped
Come around and round up all the hoodrats
In your town, P wish he could that
Roll up a couple more, tell 'em tell the hood that
I get around!


[Bridge One]

[Bridge Two]

[Outro: Singer]
Pimpin' (Bon bon bon)
International, roll the dice (Bon bon bon)
Ooooh yeah
Ooooh yeah
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