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Freeway Lyrics

Walk Wit Me Lyrics
[Intro: Freeway - talking]
Holla at ya f*ckin boy
I know it's been a minute my niggaz
But this the official return of Freeway
And if you ain't walkin with me
Then you must be against me
And it's goin down, we ain't takin no prisoners
That's right, that's right, okay!

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Now tell me who the f*ck you thought it would be
I'm in the booth with a quarter water, recordin with Free
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be
Nice with the spit, pay attention you ain't more important than me!
You need to get it right bitch, YOU AIN'T KNOWIN, see it's the God yo
See most of you niggaz is corny with your corn on the cob flow
Wells Fargo bread, ship it like cargo
I'm shit and got 'em sick while I'm whippin a Monte Carlo
I let the sparks go, what you tryin to step on my Clarks for? (Clarks for)
It's cold in this bitch, you better put on a scarf ho
Stayin close to the money, duckin the Narcs
So I can keep a whip in McLaren's, while I pull up and park slow
When I get the itch, I go f*ck a bitch down and park slow
The God's dope and you can't defeat me, it's hard, I'm one of the last of Allah's hopes
Chain big with an ugly pendant a nigga drippin heavy in a long rope
They'll name you after my aimin at you through a long scope
They need you like the reaper done came to greet you in a long coat
You'll all choke
While I'm spittin (givin you bars), swallow and digest it
Like I was livin up in your mom's throat (mom's throat)
Then I float
Back and forth through the hood, lockin the city, so pity you and your squad bro
If you ain't heard when I last said it - the God's dope
These niggaz think they can stand a chance when testing me, AW (NOPE!)

[Chorus: Freeway]
(Walk with me)
(You walk with me)
(You walk with me)

You should walk with me
It's Freeway, and I'm rebellin, you should walk with me
I got the whole world walkin with me, stompin with me
Yeah, they Million Man Marchin with me, every city
Walk (walk), haters y'all need to walk (walk)
Cause I'll leave you chalked (chalked), if you f*ck (f*ck) with me
I got the whole world walkin with me, stompin with me
Yeah, they Million Man Marchin with me, every city

[Verse 2: Freeway]
Uh, take a walk with the dyin skills that define art
Move with lethal straight from my mind's thoughts, I define smart
Nigga try me, I leave 'em dearly departed
Civilians or artists, arsenals' awesome, I leave your man chalked
I am Noah, I will kick you from the damn Ark
Feed you to the fishes like spare parts, don't you dare start
Boa constrictor flow, constrictin your air lines
Like you out of space with no oxygen, tell your man HALT!
I am royalty, play with me, get your man sparked
Throw him in the oven like ham hots, 'til the man rot
Or it's off with his head, off with his dreadlocks
My mom cooked yayo and boil eggs in the same pot
So I'm still reppin but excellent at the same time
Tell 'em stay away from open fire, the flame's hot!
The gate's hot, but they vacate when the gates pop
Niggaz dropped my man, bust blank shots at the same time
No discussion, I will bust with the same nine
Niggaz say they bust when it's game time, but they will not
They still wish on the wishin well, but my will's hot
Niggaz prayin I flop, I still wish 'em well
Roc-A-Fella's the team, your team's not sellin
Y'all sellin the streets dreams, the dreams in a pot
Me and Busta's keep it clean, we not tellin a thing
If a nigga tell on me, I'm lettin off shots


[Verse 3: Jadakiss]
AH! yeah, uh huh, AH!
Nice work, gun work, you should see son work
Dead serious or fun work, either one hurt
Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, yappin 'em
If he even think about movin, put a cap in 'em
Real shit, fake shit, hate shit, snake shit
Knowin something don't belong to you and you take shit
Head shots, you and you, graveyard funeral
And I ain't comin home 'til June 2022
Real humble, mad smart, got heart, had heart
Another nigga raisin my seeds now, the sad part
Good guy, bad guy, mom's cry, dad cry
All I got is stories to tell, how I was mad fly
Jack Mack, Tuna fish, all I could do is wish
And wait for this bullshit appeal, but it's foolishness
And the jailhouse lawyers talk with me
It's cool, but I need somebody to walk with me

(Walk with me)
(You walk with me)
(You walk with me)
(Me, me, baby girl)
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