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Freeway Lyrics

Touchdown Lyrics
I can touch down and take off the same night,
I can touch down and take off the same night
I can I can touch down and take of the same night
Take off the same night,
Take off the same night

[Verse 1: Freeway]
Uhh, this is free money that's why the bitches love me,
A philly us with young mula free ta talk it to ya,
Try to play me and I put the tool to ya medula,
... rapid fire, pop liars,
Take a block to the block and get the block higher,
Yeah, leave the block higher than buzz lightyear,
Listen prick, money longer than a yardstick,
Freezers never slip, doe taller than six rulers,
Who are you to try to carry homes,
I'll leave ya family gone, shall we carry on,
I tell them playa hatin niggas f*ck you pay me,
I f*ck with baby baby prol put your daddy on,
I'm an animal rap cannibal,
If the cops pitch me use the Bentley for collateral,
If a nigga tempt me, I will empty in his physical,
... dramatical, disappear sporadically,


[Verse 2: Freeway]
I can touch down and take off the same night,
Make 2 chicks go down rock the same mic,
It's insane how... with the game right,
What you get it for freezer get it for a cheaper price,
What is hitting for it's game time we can play dice,
If it's 2 of y'all philly freezer bang the thang twice,
I will ruin ya, put one in two of ya,
No more pursuing ya,
Cause philly freezer ain't right,
It's the roc boy, still a roc boy,
But now it's now a cash money
If I ain't had money roll up on your block boy,
With the glock boy, let them shells ring,
You can take that from me,
Leave you in a box boy,
You a bus boy on a bus boy,
Can you see me I am rolling in a 6-30,
V12 boy down broad street,
Hit you with them shells boy,
Yeah we roll,


[Verse 3: Freeway]
Touchdown, shit banging like a Michael hit,
The boy freezer up in philly like Michael Vick,
Warn your dogs, bitch german shepherds,
Better warn em all,
When ya coming with the weapons better warn the law,
Yup, light ray vision you better warn the...
We coming regardless, we coming in august,
In the day in the winter in the middle of fall,
Wherever catching ya'll, we let them weapons off,
It's them philly boys,
Rich chilly boy,
6 will hit ya like a wrecking ball,
Freezer teching ya'll disrepecting y'all,
Smack y'all niggas up and let y'all know the deal boy,
Freezer famous but freezer in the... damn boy
... and we can wet ya like a water log
Ya'll invisible we digital ya'll analogue,
Blast and dash 'fore you get the man involved,

I can touchdown and take off the same night.
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