Freeway - Stimulus Intro Lyrics

Freeway Lyrics

Stimulus Intro Lyrics
(feat. Beanie Sigel)

[Intro - Freeway - talking (Beanie Sigel)]
(Damn Free, we like thirty seconds in on "The Stimulus Package"
You ain't talked to the people yet)
Yeah I know, I just wanted to let the beat breathe for a minute
(Holla at 'em)
I got ya
Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Stimulus Package, it's goin down man
It's the third album, we still grindin, we still in the trenches doin
our thing
State Prop' for life, you know
But we growin, we grindin
(This beat crazy)
Ain't it?
(Hold up, let me get a little bit of this)
Go in

[Verse 1 - Beanie Sigel (Freeway)]
Uh, black label, green label, red label Bents (uh)
Black label, blue label, purple Loren' (woo!)
Double G's, LV's, labels that I'm in (uh)
I just (Throw It In The Bag) like Fab' when I spend (okay)
"The Stimulus Package", like a check you can cash it (um)
Throw it in your memory bank, fill up your tank and (and)
Head for the E-way (uh), put it on replay (yeah)
With no further delay, "Philadelphia Freeway"

[Verse 2 - Freeway]
Much love to B. Sig', thanks for the leeway
You cleared the lane, so I'm a tear up the runway
And you know I got that thing-thing on me
So I'm here for you, if niggaz should ever want gun play
Hot, cold, bread and butter, come and get the supper
This a free Stimulus meal, like WIC cheese and butter
(These niggaz), and if niggaz, is ever on some other
Shit, tryin to go against the clique, they can eat steel
I'm George Foreman with the burner 'cause I heat grills
No further delay, "The Stimulus Package" is here
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