Freeway - Still In Effect Lyrics

Freeway Lyrics

Still In Effect Lyrics
[Verse1: Freeway]
Yeah uhh uh
Freeway flow still in effect I might end up peallin a clip
Till the bullets still in the clip, clip still in the teck
I might end up stealing you bitch
Catch a body hide out in the Jets, Jets jersey with hat to match
Smack you bitch I'm in the club with Mack Jay and Dame
You cats better stay in your lane or lay in a ditch
Cause I'm ridin and my click feeling the same, till it's my time to feel the flames
I'm a chill in the blue flame all in the six
With my mind on my money and my money on my brain
Last thing he know all these hoes ain't use to know me now they like the boy
I'll take em to the black door give em the dick
She screaming that she been her before
It's like the five o'clock traffic jam we in the mix
You in the zone with the ROC bitch
It's the Lockness monster of rap boa constrictor of spitters the Nile river of flows
Be with Hova still roll with my niggaz and by the way all my niggaz move boulders
Like Barney rubble any trouble free muffle the gat
I'm young and black with a chip on my shoulder
It's my first album bout the brothers is back like men in black same city as Will
Freeway know for pulling the gat out all ya stacks haters wanna rap
Put up ya deal haters I line em up shut em down shut up they trap
Go through they act, I one up they back, hit up they will
Other than that I'm killing theses tracks earning these stacks
Trying to turn my vocals to a million

[Verse 2: Neef]
Hell ya it's Neef Buck
Nuttin change, same ball
Lost a couple, but ain't shit I got more
D.U.N.S's wear your damn vestes
P 90 rouge's tear you the f*ck up
4 pounds hit you the hell down
We next up (we next)
C and Bucky, shit's bout to get ugly
Til' this day, you won't get nuttin' from me
Got? some hot seashells prolly drop you'd tell
Before the cops come we bounce in big ass excursions
Huggin the road, fallin back
Blowin the spice with the windows cracked
Just another day around the way duckin the law
Got the ozium in the tuck, AC on defrost
Nuttin sweet with Neef, he ain't outta control
Back seat of my Jeep, we swingin episode
SS shotgun, let off 21, who want some
Bust a peggy who got dumb dumbs (pow, pow pow)
F*ck you think I come from
You betta go get one before it's too late
Fifth quake Put you on your damn skates
White sheet, yellow tape,
Caution at [? ] all bout some rap
Never bottle stacks
Ya man I'm fed up with you cats
And Bull Bucky's back
First quarter, it's a wrap ye
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