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Freeway Lyrics

Never Gonna Change Lyrics
[Verse 1 - Freeway]
It's like the Biggie (Warning), almost six in the morning
I'm receivin a call, it's just me and a broad
I'm still in my drawers, just got finished beatin
I was skeetin, she was skeetin, no feelings involved
Back to the phone call, it was my nigga Dame
He schooled me to these lame ass niggaz tryin to frame the squad
Got up, I threw on my clothes and I strapped up
Two more clips for back up, they act up, we act up
I told the chick "pack up, 'cause it's time to go, you gotta roll"
I'm about to hook up with my bro (bros)
These niggaz tryin to get me, wanna stick me for my dough
They seen the diamonds flash, wanna get me real bad
Get me for my stash, leave tag on toe
But they're never ever gonna get that close
We play board games, Connect Four, Tic-tac-toe
We play war games, more flames, spit that foe
Oh, Battleship, sink that boat
If it don't sink then y'all niggaz gotta row
Row your boat, quickly down the stream
Get too far away, Freezer tag 'em with the beam
Now his body floatin down the river with a scheme
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, plottin on Freezer's but a dream
And it's

[Chorus - Freeway]
(Nev-er goin to)
It's (nev-er goin to change)
Shit ain't never gonna change

[Verse 2 - Freeway]
This how it started, they retarded had they weapons drawn
Tried to stick the connect and got connected on
Quickly we dumped on 'em, put bullets up in them
Now they saw they wanna harm us, wanna harm 'em more
Hit up they buddies, you dummies, studied "The Art of War"
Heard it through (The Wire) his baby mama in Baltimore
And that's where he hidin, so that's where we ridin
I got connects out there, my nigga Mully
Hundred grand, his chick Chantel that I've been hittin since the '90's
Post up at her house, it's not far from they house
Got two eyes on they house, in case they go out
I told her to go out, we might have a spray out
I think way out, got the shit laid out
I ain't never been afraid to pull the AK out
In broad daylight got the green light make his brains hang out
Bring Beretta and Desert to his known hangouts
That's my two roadies and these motherf*ckers do know me
They put a price on my head, that cost two Rolies
"He just came from Mecca, this nigga Free religious?
We about to give him the business and leave him too holy"
Nope, you're never gonna get that far
We will spray y'all, A-R flip that car
We will lay y'all, underneath the concrete
Trust me, like Jimmy Hoffa they'll never find the body
Caught him in the hotel lobby
Slippin, trickin, was about to pop 'em but the cops stopped me

[Cop talking over Chorus]
The Pleasant and Calvert Days Inn
It's a black male, big beard, possibly armed
Proceed with caution

[Chorus - Freeway]
(Nev-er goin to)
(Nev-er goin to change)

[Verse 3 - Freeway]
He got away this time but I'm on his top
Now he know I'm in the city with 'em, gotta get the drop
I got to play like him, move like him, think like him
Strike 'em, light 'em, homicide 'em, with the rifle
Make sure the job is done before he be rattin like Fievel
Up in the courtroom hype, right hand on the Bible
I gotta get him tonight, right hand on the nine
I know his whereabouts, I'm packin all my gear and stuff
From Chantel house and now I'm headin out to air him out
Jumped in the Charger, the windows are tinted
You can't see who's in it
You don't know if I came to spark you or not
I just parked on his block
And I'm sittin here patient 'til I spot my target
There the nigga go, I'm damn near out of breath
I'm gonna catch him this time, won't let the nigga go
That's what the nigga get for tryin to take a nigga dough
I'm 'bout to send him to God, put two in his chest
Time to put him to rest, I scream "let's have it!"
Squoze the ratchet, [gunshot] she's wearin his jacket

It's his baby mom, damn! [screaming]
Shot the wrong motherf*cker
Shit, I guess this shit ain't never gonna change

(Nev-er goin to change)
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