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Mellow Yellow Lyrics
Ohhhh...I got my suit right...
And I'm doin just what I please
(thats right)...I'm back on easy street (yeah)...
And my mind's at ease (I'm focused)...
I got a little money, yeah (Chea) to buy the things I need
(I got my money right)...
For me and my lady yeah (lets go)...
Well, ain't that mellow mellow (chea, we got another one)
Oh now, ain't that mellow?
(Chea, uh...Chad Wes, try impress niggaz)
Ain't that mellow mellow?
(Uh, Philly, Yea, Free-Way, niggaz)
Oh, baby ain't that mellow?

[Verse 1]
It's the State Prop, chain gang, and we still banging
Addicted to gun slanging, addicted to slinging rock
Well trust the Roc wit me, Roll wit me
They can't hold me, these haters they cant fold me
Leave 'em holy from the shot, trust you know we neva got to
Them ain't the hottest from the hood, but I got out
It must roll in it in a rented, and its tinted
So the V-cops can't see who's in it
Come, thru snatch ya women, take 'em out and think about it
And, feel foolish cuz you can't do this
Dummy, Free got ya chicks by the woo and the hip out again
It's on by the brother thats spitting, so brother listen
Or quit, with the sniffin, the clip, you lose ya balance

(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
My neighbors like, "Ain't that Roc-a-Fella?" I'm like "Hell no"
Keep it on the low, lead a 4 fever and squeeze
And leave you bleeding, eating Jello on the mellow now
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
Uh. Chea
(Oh now, ain't that mellow?)
Whooo, okay. I'm here, yeah
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
(Oh, baby ain't that mellow?)

[Verse 2]
Motherf*cker I'm, back, you thought I'd be gone forever
The piece strong, the others see, he last forever
The clip, long, it feel like it keep lasting forever
When theirs swords like a hyphen, leave you wetter, we gon' let 'em now
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
Matta fact, don't you get the kid hyper, he will light cha
I think back to my earlier days, I used to make change
Running the block, serving the pipers, now I spit claims
Reality rap, love out of life, we'll stay here, get excited
Start a riot with the wax, tell them guards to get back
Guard your trap, my rap's, similiar to Kanye's, travel thru them wild wires

[Chorus 2]
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
If I'm ever back, then tell 'em "Welcome" with a "hello"
And open arms, cuz, my flow the bomb man
I'm the concrete, yellow lines and tar now
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
(Oh, now ain't that mellow?)
Okay, Oh...Chea...Whooo
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
Chea, uh. What cha'll forgot?
(Oh, baby, ain't that mellow?)
Y'all niggaz trippin

[Verse 3]
This, verse, here, is dedicated to all non-believers and all those who hated
I'm Roc, gang related, like Pac, my shit is banging
I, flow with a fever, I know my tongue is sicker but
I'm workin on it, I, pump five times, scram forward
Read them storeis, and you caught up in them fables
The Hills, Streets and Times, say there's no place like home
When I throw eight thru the throne
And I throw eight thru the bones
And it's mine, but push yours in
Back in the day I pack a tours and a tours in
Top of the morning live, got my bundles, snatch my bundles in a old house
Me and my poor fish

[Chorus 3]
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
That they bringing that change from the label to the table
I got some businesses, a couple houses, jewlery, a couple rings
And some other things
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
Chea, look what this rapping brings
(Oh now, ain't that mellow?)
Chea, whooo. Okay

(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
Chea, whooo, uh
(Oh, baby ain't that mellow?)
Whooo, that's right. Uh, Chea, Uh
(Oh yeah)
Whoo...Chad West try impress niggaz, uh
(Ain't that mellow mellow?)
And yo, I told you, uh, we right back and we rock with 'em roll with em, uh
(Yeah, Yeah)
Chea, uh, Chea, Roc-A-Fella y'all, uh, Chea
(Yeah Yeah)
Sta-Sta-State Prop, Chain Gang, that's Roc-A-Fella y'all
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