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Goodbye (My Block) Lyrics
This is my love song

Goodbye There's no use living without you here
This is where I'll go for you
There's no use living without you here
never love again

[Verse 1]
yo yo yo I was with you everyday morning the night
you was a quiet bitch I bought you the life
sorta like Romeo & Juliet cause our peeps aint mix
a hard head warm blood and concrete don't mix
you was like my favorite record the beat don't skip
I never slid out on you cause real men feet don't slip
I moved out from you the heat don't skip
niggas that you aiming for when emotions involved
but I gotta leave you yeah we don't click
anymore you whore you such a triflin bitch
you let niggas pull they whip in and park in my spot
put they pipe in ye shaft when I was right in the lot
stayed showin ya ass drawed heat from the cops
the times that I needed you most I still love you alot
but I gottea bounce cause everybody knows
all good things must come to a stop goodbye


[Verse 2]
yeah this might sound crazy but I love that time of the month
them couple of days your shit float I played you closer
even stayed over slept in the cold
but the heat still like 80 you feel me yet
my moms said you wasn't no good for me
never produced babies just a bunch of regrets
how come the crew hate me cause I love you to death
never share never let him hit
you'll turn him out you'll make him flip
remember when the detects came to grip up a tech
you hid the gun so well you hid the coke so well
a month after meeting you here comes respect
but I gotta cold shoulder you
you let niggas walk all over you
let them young niggas get ahold of you
and treat you wrong
this is my love song
I sing it all night long
break up a clip or two
make a nigga throw a whole clip in you
that's what my bitch'll do


[Verse 3]
you was my favorite bitch
I stayed in and out you
freaked you raw pulled up and bust on you
when I was f*cked up I caught the bus on you
now I park trucks on you
stuffed them in the ? up for you
but I can't see you no more
I gotta new fling my man from south philly put me on
and I aint gotta worry bout ducking the cops and hugging you
all night in front of the store
keeping you warm
no back talk bitch go with my boys
treat them like you treated me
put in all 24's
keep them like you kept me in love with the shot
this is dedicated to my real true love the block come on

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