Freddy Cannon - Talahassee Lassie Lyrics

Freddy Cannon Lyrics

Talahassee Lassie Lyrics
well she comes from tallahassee

she's got a hi-fi chassis

maybe looks a little sassy

but to me she's real classy

yeah my tallahassee lassie down in f-l-a

well she dances to the drag, the cha-cha, rag and mop

stomping to the shag, rocks the bunny hop ooh ooh ooh ooh

she dances to the rock, she dances to the stroll

she dances to the walk, she can rock and roll

she's my tallahassee lassie yeah my tallahassee lassie

she's my tallahassee lassie down in f-l-a

instrumental interlude

(repeat song)

(fade while singing come on baby come on sugar come on honey)

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