Frank Sinatra - The Future (Continued) I've Been There! Lyrics

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The Future (Continued) I've Been There! Lyrics
Frank with (chorus)

(If the future proves sweet, would it tell us to leap before we move,)
(Would it care for us to live with danger or face the final foe,)
(If tomorrow brings us love, you can bet,)
(We will need all the help we can get.)
(And to tell me how this moves everyone of us to you.)
(How you're glad its winter, how you're glad to say it's true.)

When I see a young couple walking slowly through the trees,
I don't have to follow them to know how far they'll go,
I've been there.
If the boy is sulking and the girl is close to tears,
I know it doesn't matter, who is right or who started the fight,
I've been there.
I've been there when the music played old songs,
Young songs, good songs, bad songs, sweet songs, sad songs.
I've been there when a pretty smile made it difficult to breathe,
But so easy to fly and a pleasure to cry,
So to all of you in the throes of early love,
Where delightful confusion reigns supreme,
Let me try to help you rearrange your dream,
Let yourself live, let yourself love, let yourself go.
I've been there, and I know.

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