Frank Sinatra - Pocketful Of Miracles Lyrics

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Pocketful Of Miracles Lyrics
[Recorded November 22, 1961, Los Angeles]

Pee-rac-ti-cal-I-ty de-us-n't int'rest me, love the life that I lead.
I've got a pocketful of miracles, and with a pocketful of miracles,
One miracle a day is all I need!
Tree-rou-bles, more or less, bee-ah-ther me, I guess when the sun doesn't shine.
But there's a pocketful of miracles,
The world's a bright and shiny apple that's mine, all mine.
I hear sleigh bells ringing, smack! I go around like there's a snow around,
I feel so good, it's Christmas every day! Lee-ife's a carousel, fee-ar as I can tell
And I'm riding for free.
I've got a pocketful of miracles, but if I had to pick a miracle,
My favorite miracle of all is you love me.

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