Foxy Brown Lyrics

Foxy Brown Lyrics

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From the Album Brooklyn's Don Diva (2008) (buy at

When The Lights Go Out
Star Cry

From the Album Black Roses (2008) (buy at
Black Roses
Come Fly With Me
Up Jumps The Boogie

From the Album Broken Silence (2001) (buy at

Broken Silence - Intro
Oh Yeah
B.K. Anthem
The Letter
Tables Will Turn
Hood Scriptures
Run Dem
'Bout My Paper
Run Yo Shit
Na Na Be Like
Gangsta Boogie
I Don't Care
So Hot (Remix)
Saddest Day
Broken Silence

From the Album Chyna Doll (1999) (buy at

Chyna Whyte
My Life
Hot Spot
Dog And A Fox
I Can't
Bonnie And Clyde, Pt. 2
Ride (Down South)
Can U Feel Me Baby
Baller Bitch
It's Hard Being Wifee

From the Album Ill Na Na (1996) (buy at

Intro...Chicken Coop
(Holy Matrimony) Letter From The Firm
Foxy's Bells
Get Me Home
The Promise
Interlude...The Set Up
If I...
The Chase
Ill Na Na
No One's
Fox Boogie
I'll Be

Other Songs:
Art Of War
Big Bad Mamma (How to Be a Player soundtrack)
BK Made Me
Burning Down the House
I Need A Man
La Familia
Locked Up Again (Remix Akon's song)
Massacre (Lil' Kim Diss)
Memory Lane
My Life (Cradle 2 the Grave) (Cradle 2 The Grave Soundtrack)
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Stylin' (Remix)
Swag It Out
Talk To Me
The Imperial
Whatcha Gonna Do (Bringing Down the House Soundtrack)

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