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Wipe Me Down Lyrics
(Cuase I'm On Cause I'm On) [16x] (Wipe Me Down)
Ayyye Mr. Wipe Down Ya Heard Me Foximillion
Dis Would Be The Remix!
Bad Ass, Savage Life,
Foximillion Man You Already Know What It Is Ya Heard Me
We Still On, We Still Riden On Chrome
We Still Pullin Up Mayne Look

I Pull Up At The Club V.I.P. Gas Tank On E But All Dranks On Me (Wipe Me Down)
Fresh Kicks Fresh White Tall Tee Fresh NFL Hat Fresh Bauds With The Crease
Pussy Niggas Wanna Hit Me With That Heat
Real Reconize Real, Real Niggas Gone Speak (WIpe Me Down)
Jiggalatin I Been Rollin Bout A Week
You Can Tell I Got Cake By The Diamonds In Ma Teeth (WIpe Me Down)
Black Shades So You Know A Nigga Rollin
They Ain't Check Me At The Door So Ain't No Tellin What I'm Holdin (Wipe Me Down)
Bad Bitches They Gone Bust It Wide Open
Nigga Flashin Their Lil Bread But I'm The Nigga They Approachin (Wipe Me Down)
Small Nigga, Tall Figures, Ya'll Niggas, Crawl Niggas, We Gone Get Mac Elevned And Fall Niggas (WIpe Me Down)
Ya'll Niggas, Call Niggas But Ma Niggas All Killas Get Ya Issa And Whoever Fall With Cha

(Cause I'm On Cause I'm On) (WIpe Me Down)
Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4]

B. O. O. S. I. E. B. A. D. A. Z. Z. That's me (WIpe Me Down)
Red Bone Caramels All Of Em Stop An Stare All Of Em Tryna Steal My Underwear (WIpe Me Down)
Like To Floss Like Rick Ross
Gotta Hit Called Set It Off When I Sing It Errbody Set It Off (WIpe Me Down)
Black Mink Yea I'm On Play With Me I'll Buss Ya Dome 8 Whips On Chrome You Can Gone (WIpe Me Down)
Fresh Fade Fresh Jays On Tha Corner Playin Spades I'm a Ordinary Person But I'm Paid (WIpe Me Down)
Foxx Flippin Webbie Smokin An We Chokin Off A Whole Pound Of Purple Famous Like Tha Ninja Turtles (WIpe Me Down)
Jus Left New York City Hook Up With P. Diddy Finna Blow Past 50 You Gone Have To (WIpe Me Down)
We Tha Best I'm a Fool On Dat Hemi Man Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light Get It Man (WIpe Me Down)

(Cause I'm On Cause I'm On) (WIpe Me Down)
Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4]

Hot Drop, Drop Top, Top Drop Hoes Drop It Like It's Hot Yea Nigga I'm Tha Shit (WIpe Me Down)
You See This Ice On My Wrist How It Gliss Soon As The Light Hit You Can't Lie The Ice Sick (WIpe Me Down)
Purple Got Me Smellin Funky Red Monkey 500 Dollas On It You Ain't Seen These Yet (WIpe Me Down)
Beatin You Can Hear Me Way Around The Corner Paint Wet With Them 24's On Em That's A Bet (WIpe Me Down)
Old Lady, Baby Momma, Fiances, Niggas Wife, Savage Life Who I'm Gonna F*ck Next (WIpe Me Down)
An I'll Use The Lifestyle Or The Magnum Or The Trojan Or Go Head An Use The Barral Of The Tech (WIpe Me Down)
Man This Chain Hit Me For A Couple Grand Ahh Naw I Ain't Complaining Juss Watch How You Wipe My Chest (WIpe Me Down)
A Bad Bitch Wanted Me To Stay There Longer I'll Put That Dick Up On Her But I Had A Flight To Catch (WIpe Me Down)

Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x8]
I'm On (Wipe Me Down) (Cause I'm On Cause I'm On)
Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4]
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