Fort Minor Lyrics

Fort Minor Lyrics
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Fort Minor Info:

Fort Minor is a hip hop-based side-project of Mike Shinoda, who is better known as the rapper, rhythm guitarist, keyboardist and producer of Linkin Park -Wikipedia

Los Angeles, California, United States

Alternative hip hop, rap rock

Years active:
2004-2006, 2015-present

Name Origin:
Mike Shinoda chose the name to reflect the dynamic between opposites - something big and strong vs. something small and modest

Associated acts:
Linkin Park
Dead By Sunrise
John Legend
Lupe Fiasco

Mike Shinoda
Ryan Patrick Maginn (Ryu)
Takbir Bashir (Tak)

Did You Know:
Holly Brook is featured on the song Where'd You Go?

John Legend is featured on the song High Road

Lupe Fiasco is featured on the song Be Somebody

Common is featured on the song Back Home

Fort Minor Quotes:
I was a producer and rapper before Linkin Park. Once the band took off, it was the center of my focus. A couple of years ago, I started missing doing straight-up hip hop, and that's when Fort Minor began.
-Mike Shinoda

I wouldn't have let Jay be executive producer unless he got some real input on the record! I mean, him vouching for it is worth something, but what I really wanted was for him to give me advice on the music. I'm pretty versatile when I make music, I can make a lot of different types of stuff, any genre.
-Mike Shinoda

If I weren't making music, I'd be the kid who writes into the magazines and says, "why don't you guys ever cover anything that's different? Hip hop is so much of the same thing over and over again." I love hip hop, so I wanted to make an album from that standpoint, 'cause that's who I am.
-Mike Shinoda

Fort Minor Awards:
MTV Video Music Award for Ringtone of the Year Where'd You Go?

Tour Dates:

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