First Offence - Three Steps Vinegar Vera Mix Lyrics

First Offence Lyrics

Three Steps Vinegar Vera Mix Lyrics
[Eddie Cochran]
Three Steps to Heaven Three Steps... x2
Verse 1
(Step 1...)
I'm getting old now I'm leaving my school now
And I just don't know how I'm in this dole queue
And even with my I.Q. there's no room for me
Except in a factory a building site ain't me
I wanna use my brain see and work creatively
I wanna be a rock star I know I'm gonna go far
Inside I'm always screaming, unless you see my dreaming
Up there I'm in my top gear, it'll be for real next year...
[Eddie Cochran]
Now there...are three...steps to heaven... x2
Verse 2
(Step 2...)
She's only pregnant, I'm stuck in this flat and
There's no-one to recognise or even to realise
My full true potential, I'm someone very special
Tell me why are they living when they look so pointless?
I'm really so important, they're all just meaningless
Why don't they look at me and hear what I am saying?
I'm gonna be famous, maybe not today but
Certainly the next year, I won't be living round here...
Repeat chorus
Verse 3
(Step 3...) in the bedroom staring at the sideboard
The kids are goin' overboard and she's in a bad mood
Sitting in the frontroom knitting up a cardigan
I'm just in my own world, I wish I could start again
Won't anybody help me? Cos time is moving quickly
The bills they get more frequent, they're fuelling up the arguments
It's all becoming so clear, there won't be no next year
That's the way the story goes
Well, time for an overdose...
Repeat chorus
[Eddie Cochran]
Three Steps to Heaven, Three Steps...
Three Steps to Heaven, Three Steps, Three Steps... (until fade

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