Fifth Harmony - Everlasting Love Lyrics

Fifth Harmony Lyrics

Everlasting Love Lyrics
Eva, eva, eva (uh)
Oh, eva, eva, eva
(Fifth Harmony, baby)
Oh, eva, eva, eva
(Let's go)
Oh, everlasting love
(Another one)

Always looking over my shoulder cause I don't ever wanna miss you
I been thinking about you daily
I can't wait to see your face
I don't even know you but I know that I can't wait to kiss you
Somehow I know when we finally lock eyes that you'll feel the same way

[Pre-Chorus - Camila:]
You're gonna be all I've needed
You make me feel like a dream
Whoever you are
Baby, you are
The one I'm waiting for

[Chorus - Dinah:]
You're my ever- everlasting love
My ever- everlasting love
And I'm never ever giving up til your laying next to me
I'm lookin' for that ever- everlasting love
Forever ever kind of touch
And I'll never ever get enough
Baby, we were meant to be

Ain't no use in wastin' my time on just anybody, baby
I want exceptional, original someone I can't deny
I'm in love with you already I know it sounds crazy
But I hope you save all you got for me cause (baby) you're all mine



Everlasting love
Everlasting love
Everlasting love
My everlasting love

I don't even know your name
But I can't get you off my brain
Darling, I can hardly wait
Til I can get to know you
You'll be beautifully insane
Infinitely all for me
Promise you'll (be) glad you came
I can't wait to show you


Everlasting love
Everlasting love
Everlasting love
My everlasting love
Writer: Thomas Lee Brown
Copyright: Lyrics © Tbhits, Emi April Music Inc., Darkchild Songs

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