Fiend - Come Thru Lyrics

Fiend Lyrics

Come Thru Lyrics
(feat. Big Ed)

[Big Ed]
'Sup nigga
I'm still hungry BITCH! HA
Ya heard me? I'm muthaf*ckin hungry
Special Forces up in this muthaf*cka
Big Ed The Assassin wit my nigga FIEND
Aint no stoppin us baby, aint no muthaf*ckin stoppin us
Ya heard me? All y'all muthaf*ckin haters
Betta make some muthaf*ckin room

[Verse 1: Big Ed]

Ayyio its da assassin ski maskin, blastin & shit
Muthaf*ck dat nigga dawg, mash on dat bitch
I never liked dat nigga anyway f*ck
Aways smiling & jokin bitch does it look like i wanna play?
I bring a world of hurt wit my AK
Im tellin u, never smellin u
A square mile where u play
Where niggaz know da real from da fake
Pork chops & steaks, a condo on a lake
Probably have a cake & its my birthday bitch
Got only one rule in this game get rich
Special forces da clique
By da end of june, july have all dem ho's sick

[Hook Big Ed & FIEND x2]

Niggaz duck when I come thru
Cos niggaz get stuck when I come thru
Never know what I'm gone do
Duck when I come thru
Cos niggaz get bucked when I come thru
Never know what im gone do

[Verse 2: FIEND]

Big fist got extra clips on shit dat do more than spit
My shottie aimed at 5 domes and shit
Survior trained thru da wars and shit
Check the scars on this
Dont die here, dont cry like no bitch
Ghetto legend O.G. bitch nigga do u know me?
U can die fast or slowly
Im mad bad tempered with a rag on my window
Cause problems in little
In a nigga full on endo
Got a mean set of killas a mean set of killas
Too mean they dont give two shits about ya feelings
Bone breaking, ice taking all this shit before the waking
Down South nigga aint faking

[Hook x2]

[FIEND Ad Lib]

F*ck we came thru nigga
Down south niggas
F*ckin muthaf*ckin Big Ed nigga Special Forces
F*ckin captial F.I B.G. muthaf*cka
Down south niggaz
Westcoast niggaz
Eastcoast niggaz
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