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Streets of Greenspoint Lyrics
Hell yeah
This your boy Stick
Comin down with that Fesu
Straight off the streets of Greenspoint
Talkin 'bout that street shit
That real hood shit
Break it down

Laws sweatin a nigga's dick
I sell dope on the cut and on the first I pay rent
Livin on the streets like an outcast
Nickel piece to a fiend, now I'm busy strokin ass
I smell like Cisco
I'm bakin so much dope, these laws call me Nabisco
Can't afford to be confronted
By a law or a fiend, cause in Greenspoint a brother's wanted
And swine ain't no good
I grew up eatin that shit, pigs bleedin from the hooves
Now worms got me provoked
To stroke a white bitch, but can't stand them white folks
Now I'm locked down in the joint
And the only brothers locked up are these brothers from Greenspoint

If it's on, then it's on, and tonight's the night
Got a cooler in my trunk, and I'm feelin alright
Got riches in my pocket, at least a g
And got a gang of fly honeys tryin to get with me

On the streets of Greenspoint


Now I got game for the new millenium
And Swiss bank accounts with plenty in em
They call me Fee, cause that's what I charge
Ask your baby mama, she bought these rims on a Mastercard
You wanna know my occupation?
I done gone corporate with this southern conversation
They say I'm collectin cans
Or missin in action on a witness protection plan
These jealous snitches tryin to ball me out
Just spell my name right and keep my daughter out your f*ckin mouth
A priceless image with a stain on it
I watch my songs go platinum with Makaveli's name on it
Am I capable of makin hits?
I wouldn'ta got 4 mics if your ass wasn't feelin this
But it's time I reap what I sewn
Your boy from Greenspoint is back - and it's on


Now pussy in Greenspoint, a brother's gotta have it
A three time loser walkin round droppin habits
First day, nigga ain't down for shit
You a year in the hole before you're down with the click
Niggas that survive called heroes
The laws comin up with zeros
And I'm still locked down in the joint
And the only brothers locked up are these brothers from Greenspoint

[CHORUS repeated]

Come on
On the streets of Greenspoint
Feel this shit, nigga
On the streets of Greenspoint
Come on
Can you feel me?
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