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Fesu Lyrics

Goosebumps Lyrics
This goin out to yo gal

I f*cked yo gal and called yo baby a bastard
Me strokin the pussy while she was workin on the thigh master
In the 'Point a lotta hoes get f*cked
Cause it's a everyday thing when I'm gettin my dick sucked
Now it's time to expose
Yeah nigga, I f*cked the shit out of your gal Rose
It ain't no thing to me
Makin love to your gal while your baby's sleepin next to me
Nigga, yo gal is a trick
Before me she wouldn't even suck yo dick
Neckbone, learn to turn her on
Give her some headphones and she'll pick up that microphone
Oh yeah, could it be
See, I nutted in the mouth, now I'm the new daddy
Came down yo chimney like Santa Clause
Payin yo wife a visit for them f*ckin drawers

(Ooh, I like it)
Cause you're givin me goosebumps

Check it, I'm struttin across stage at a show
And AMG's backstage with some rug-head hoe
I'm throwin dope rhymes, hoes doin their dance and shit
Hands on their knees, pussy wide open I bet
I'll be off state soon
And I'ma join King Daddy cause he's f*ckin in the bathroom
Jump Out Boyz got problems
Our dick's on hard, maybe you can help us solve em
Yeah, I'm addicted
Hoes like f*ckin me cause I get reflicted
Throw your feet over your shoulders for good luck
Your girl got f*cked while we was doin the booty-up
In and out, push, it push it
Don't get me hype, I f*ck around and eat the pussy
Give your ass stomach humps
So chill out with that hoe shit, bitch, cause you're givin me goosebumps

Yeah Fesu
I see what you're sayin
A nigga gotta pimp these hoes in '93, man
It's all about breakin hoe-ass niggas and bitches

See, first things first when you're f*ckin with a bitch
Find out if she's broke and if not, break that bitch
Cause I got game, I got game
Oooh, I hope these hoes got the same
Look at them titties and them nipples
Aw baby, I wanna come on your ass dimples
Why you wearin that g string?
You say you ain't a freak but you ain't new to the damn thing
Don't trust a bitch, hearts get broke
My ex gal loves me but steady f*ckin that nigga Loc
I fell in love with Julie when I was a young buck
I wonder where she at, I need my dick sucked

[PMD] (I get goosebumps)
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