Fesu - Blind-Cripple And Crazy Lyrics

Fesu Lyrics

Blind-Cripple And Crazy Lyrics
I peep out game and stay free from it
Resistin hot pussy, so freaks, they flee from me
And all the while tryin to live two lifestyles
And I'm goin through trials
Been in and out the system, I'm a tide boat
Cause I'm black, but you don't hear me though
I lost three times in that free world
I got a baby girl, I guess
Can't get a blood test
Can't afford one
Free clinic be trippin, cause I already aborted one
So now what I'm doin?
I'm standin on a cliff with my crack in my white Ewings
These fiends gotta fall
I'm breakin down bitches with crack like Steven Segal
I'm tryin to live my life on the rocks
But in my socks is my rent and my matchbox
This world can't fade me
But I'm blind, crippled and crazy

Show you what I'm made of

Niggas are past the state of emergency
You can't talk for yourself
Can't work for yourself
What the f*ck you gotta say for yourself?

Nigga, wake up and smell the pussy, gee
Too many bitches around, 'll be a mark-ass nigga, bee
You won't roll with the blows
You my bitch now, I hope your whole damn posse knows
In this world you gotta come with it
If you a punk-ass nigga, bow down and admit it
Niggas ain't got shit, cause it ain't nitwits
And half of em wanna suck dick
Get that dick out yo ass, it's makin you lazy
Blind, crippled and crazy

T.K, show em what we made of

Standin in the mirror tryin to see Fesu for who I'm worth
The scary-ass nigga gon' shoot first
Another devil after me
But f*ck the laws, a pocket full of dead-ass crackers, gee
Makin them papers for self
Cold-ass cracker gonna keep it all for his self
But Fe ain't no buster, Mark Folly
Yo ass can't control me
I'm down with the Jump Out Boyz, nigga
Cop-killer and white boy cap-peeler
So now what's life like
Is it life-like or is its grip on too tight?
Say man, I'm goin for broke
And speakin straight words, don't stutter nor even choke
Massa thought nigga was gon' stay lazy
Devil, you must be crazy
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